Ocean Pollution

One of the major problems currently affecting life on Earth is ocean pollution with its devastating effects on human health, marine life and ecosystems. Using the oceans as a big waste container is the main fault and cause of the present-day ocean pollution level. Oil spills, toxic wastes and the daily dumping of all sorts of materials in the planetary waters contribute to a progressive deterioration of the oceans and the endangering of life on earth in general. Consider the following facts about ocean pollution and take a stand; make everything in your power to turn this world to some of its former purity.

First of all, ocean pollution can be prevented by the recycling of all the poisonous materials that are otherwise disposed of in a very careless manner. Millions of fish die every day because of ocean pollution, and if they survive they remain contaminated harming the other sectors in the food chain including humans. The risk level has reached such alarming peaks that waters are tested for the health hazards they would pose for swimmers and surfers. Some of the waste in the seas and oceans have already been identified as lying behind certain very serious bacterial and viral diseases.

Boat owners should learn a few things about the best ways to prevent ocean pollution when they are out at sea. All boat engines leave some gasoline excess behind harming the life in the waters. Thus, keep the boat engine running only when you need it; when in harbor, it is good not to leave it in the water. Moreover, periodical checks of the gasoline tanks and storage places prevents potential leakage and thus ocean pollution. The fuel should be deposited in spaces that do not allow for the evaporation of the chemicals, particularly since gasoline is extremely volatile.

Garbage dumping in the water is one other cause for ocean pollution: human waste, water from bathing, plastics and the like should not be disposed of in the ocean. Most of the garbage that has been dumped in the planetary waters over the last two decades is still there lying on the bottom of the ocean, polluting the waters and even traveling all around the world because of the underwater currents. Presently, no watery corner is isolated enough to be safe from the extensive ocean pollution. The only thing we can do from no on is to limit the waste dumping to the minimum if we don't manage to put a stop to it completely.

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