Litter Pollution

Litter pollution is the main problem of urban areas where people drop all sorts of packages, pets and cans in the environment, particularly in areas where the law enforcement cannot be applied to them immediately. Local authorities are the ones in charge of offering a solution to dumping litter; pollution resulting from such sources drastically affects the ecosystems as many of the garbage left about like this will either remain unmodified in nature, or will modify the quality of soil and water. Cleaning programs, emptying litter bins and investigating individuals who are responsible for litter pollution are some of the best official ways to put an end to it.

Each and every one of us can put an end to litter pollution with the minimum of effort. If you go out for a picnic or a barbecue, always gather the waste in some plastic bags and dispose of it properly. In many parts of the world burning is considered the right way to get rid of litter. What people don't know is that when exposed to flames, some materials result in chemical compounds that are even more harmful for the environment by their accumulation in the atmosphere. Recycling is actually the only way to be rid of the things you know longer need.

Maybe, litter pollution is not the most environment threatening human activity, but it nevertheless creates a negative image and it surely contributes to the degradation of the natural world. Increased awareness and proper education: these are the right ways to fight litter pollution for good. Teaching children and youngsters in schools and getting them involved in green activities are considered among the best ways to develop a waste-efficient approach to cleaning. Moreover, such programs, that are already implemented in schools around the world, are also supported by anti-litter initiatives.

Fines and law regulations have been created to determine people to stop litter pollution. Ironically speaking such measures have proved a lot more efficient than educative and moral ones. For decades litter cleaning was left to people's common sense, unfortunately experience proved that wrong and unpractical. Warders are therefore hired by local communities to keep an eye on the green parts most exposed to litter pollution, and a large number of bins has been placed in areas where people are more tempted to drop litter. It is also for you to speak out and try to prevent others from littering. As we clean our houses so we should clean the green habitat!

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