Factory Pollution

Factory pollution is considered the main source of pollution in many parts of the world in terms of water, air and soil damage. Vast quantities of fresh water are consumed by numerous factories simply to wash away their waste, and the factory pollution has reached such an extent that there are hardly any rivers, lakes or estuaries that are safe for people to bathe, fish or use as primary water supply. Though environmental regulations have become a lot harsher during the last few years, it is nevertheless true that the problem of global warming and the constant deterioration of the living conditions on earth does remain more actual than ever.

Another troublesome factor of factory pollution refers to the thermal damage power plants cause to the environment. They increase the normal temperature of the waters which is directly connected to the quantity of oxygen present in a certain volume of liquid. When such a thermal imbalance occurs, entire ecosystems suffer the consequences: from this point of view, factory pollution is responsible for the mutations in the size of species and the extinction of the more fragile or sensitive organisms. So far, the overgrowth of plants and animals in areas affected by this type of factory pollution has been signaled on a repeated basis.

Factory pollution is also the one responsible for the creation of the smog in heavily industrialized city areas. Gases and particles are the noxious chemicals we breathe in the industrial parts of our cities: the artificial chemical fog that often shrouds metropolitan areas is responsible for the many lung and respiratory problems so many people develop. Factory pollution constantly damages the ozone layer, leaving the earth and all life forms unprotected against the harmful cosmic radiations. From a certain point of view, the earth may seem without perspective given the fact that no shutting down of factories is in view or even slightly possible.

We should however mention that ever since factory pollution began to be perceived as a big threat for the future of the planet and of mankind in general, various precaution measures have been taken. Thus, all sorts of pollution control devices have been installed so as to reduce the amount of pollutants released in the atmosphere or the water at a minimum level. Such equipment does work, but very often it proves insufficient for the pressure that we are constantly putting on the environment.

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