Car Pollution

Besides the harmful results that car pollution has on the environment, studies reveal even more unsettling facts about the long term effects of the exhausts eliminated in the atmosphere. For instance, in areas with a high level of car pollution clouds are longer lasting but they generate less rain. Though apparently a paradox, the phenomenon is a sure fact under study for years now in several parts of the globe. One other hard to notice consequence of car pollution is the reduction of the low-level winds, significantly diminishing the wind-generated power in extended areas of the globe. Thus, the options for green ecological energy production are getting fewer.

Cities located in warm and arid parts of the world will suffer from the conjunct action of these series of factors that accompany car pollution: there will be less water due to the reduced rain fall, less hydro-power by the water shortage in the river basins and lower wind efficiency for energy production. This is the very case of the largest American cities in California that have been exposed to severe drought and energy loss on a repeated basis now. Climate is also influenced by the increase in the car pollution level.

The accumulation of small fine particles resulted from car pollution makes the atmosphere denser by the creation of some form of barrier between the sun energy and the ground level. With the air being heavier at the low levels and with winds reduced to the minimum, the freshening of the air by the action of the higher faster winds is also impaired. And the list of car pollution harmful effects does not stop here; the reduced amount of annual precipitations is directly connected with the slower air mass movements. The slower the winds, the less the evaporation at the surface of lakes, oceans and rivers; therefore, the cycle of the water in nature is affected too.

Car pollution can be stopped by our efforts to replace old cars with new environment-friendly models. From this point of view the car of our future has to be powered by solar or other alternative energy; such designs do exist on the market but they are pretty expensive to purchase and maintain. Lower prices, improved performance and good marketing promotion campaigns should actually launch ecological cars on top of the preference lists. Hopefully, it won't be long before we can take such achievements as common for the average car user.

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