Air Pollution

Air pollution has grown to such an extent that we can no longer escape from it in the “safety” of our homes. Historically speaking, the first kind of air pollution must have affected people when they made fires in their poorly ventilated abodes, turning the air unbreathable because of the smoke. Mankind has come a long way ever since, but in an industrialized and mechanized society, things have gone pretty wrong in terms in environment living quality. We surely are in desperate need to find methods to clean up the air, but in the meantime we still have to limit the causes for the poor atmosphere quality. Urbanized globe areas are the most exposed to the problems.

Car exhausts, industrial fumes and all sorts of chemicals we use in our daily activities deteriorate the air condition even further. From the hair spray to the the cleaners we need around the house, the factors that cause air pollution are countless. Indoor air pollution is just as serious and dangerous as the larger outdoor scale. The main factor lies in the existence of poor ventilation systems and the accumulation of all sorts of chemical and toxic substances in the air. They come from the carpets, the cleaning products, the furniture, the building materials, not to mention cigarette smoke and the much debated odorless radon gas.

The accelerated rhythm of air pollution is determined not only by the increase of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but the phenomenon is closely connected with deforestation as well. Trees are the ones to absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into oxygen but with the reduction of the wooded area, and the ever bigger number of polluting cars for instance, it is surely more than difficult to maintain a balance. Statistics indicate that there are countries that cause more damage to the environment than others.

The situation is not desperate but unless we all make efforts to diminish air pollution, chances of survival on the planet will get fewer and fewer. Alarm bells are already being rung by the massive melting of the glaciers, due to the global warming, which threatens so many countries with a sea opening. The gases trapped in the atmosphere prevent it from cooling, acting as a barrier at the surface of the planet; this affects climate, animal behavior and the very evolution of species and mankind on the whole.

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