Square Dinner Plates

Even if according to tradition, the classic dinner plates are round, the freedom and variety of design has led to the creation of very exquisite models of oval and square dinner plates. Made from a variety of materials that range from plastic and wood to porcelain and glass, square dinner plates come in sets of six, eight or twelve, yet, even larger ones are available. Just like for the normal round plates, square dinner plates raise no problem when it comes to matching them with other dinnerware with similar designs: bowls, rice plates, dessert plates and so on. Glassware and cups are equally easy to match due to the same wide product offer on the market.

What is it so special about square dinner plates that makes them many people's favorites? We should start by saying that shape and large color variations were only possible with the diversification of the manufacturing processes by new improved technological equipments. Until progress made it possible otherwise, round dinner plates were the only ones available in the category. Hence, square dinner plates are considered as representative of a modern age when refinement and elegance is not limited to one shape only; such features are to be enjoyed in diversity.

The use of square dinner plates will definitely bring a more contemporary look to your table, and they should be matched with other modern items such as decorations, napkins or flower arrangements. Thus, it would be totally inappropriate to use silver cutlery with a classical design, in combination with square dinner plates, and the same observation stays valid for glassware too. If you throw a dinner party regardless of its level of formality, you'll definitely want it to be impeccable; hence, make everything in your power to follow aesthetic principles too when using square dinner plates.

Furthermore, the design of the square dinner plates does not consist of straight lines and vertical cuts, quite on the contrary. Yes, there will be corners and angles, but the brims of the square dinner plates are usually slightly rounded or curved so that the impression of unfinished surface is completely eliminated. Available in a variety of colors and models, such dishware can be purchased either in sets or separately according to the buyer's wish; yet, the most important thing about them is the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing. For the moment, porcelain square dinner plates remain unsurpassed, as no other material can compete with this type of china.

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