Plate Hangers

Special decorative plates look great at home but how do you plan to make them blend in the general background of your home? There are three options you can go for: plate racks, plate stands and plate hangers. The latter are considered as the most space saving as they only occupy a little room on a well chosen wall area; yet, there are some secrets about knowing how to install these plate hangers so that they meet both the aesthetic and the safety conditions. Hanging display is probably the most difficult to create, and you'll need to check the types of plate hangers available to see which ones work better for your room.

Now, what should one choose between adhesive and wire plate hangers? Which are safer? Choosing the right model very often depends on the type of wall painting you've got at home; certain paints or wood boards if you've got any don't work well together with certain types of adhesive plate hangers. Therefore, if the room in which you plan to use the plate hangers is special from such a point of view you should talk to a professional interior designer to actually check your options. Sometimes, it would be a better idea to simply stick to the classic hanging methods.

There are vertical and horizontal plate hangers to be chosen from; when used in the kitchen the horizontal plate hangers will look like a very fancy border on your wall. Furthermore, certain designs allow the display of decorative plates in an interesting arch manner over buffets or cupboards. Some people even choose to place their plate hangers over the kitchen doors; the place of display is entirely your choice, the only condition is that the overall result be pleasant and appealing from an aesthetic point of view.

Plate hangers are usually sold together with special precaution measures, which are usually included in the installation instructions. They should not be overlooked if you care for the beauty of your plates and the security of your family. Why would one needs such safety tips? Plate hangers are not very safe during earthquakes for instance, if you don't take supplementary measures to secure them as such. Hence, one solution is that of using special adhesive to stick valuable china to the shelves or the stand itself; furthermore, the use of classical hanging methods is considered more reliable from this point of view as compared to adhesive plate hangers.

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