Cake Plates

Which is the most perfect way to serve dessert? If very normal types of cakes require no special plates to be served, there are cases when the cake plates have to match the cake style as such. The edges, the shape, the design, and even the size of the cake plates need to suit your culinary efforts. Smaller cake plates will by no means do for serving birthday or wedding cake, but they are definitely excellent for cookies. Generally speaking, there should be at least two types of cake plates in the house, some smaller and others larger, and sometimes it may not be a bad idea at all to also have some little bowls to serve jelly, ice cream and the like.

Besides the cake plates on which you serve dessert to guests, there are also the ones on which you store it, and these items are just as important. The variety of products now available on the market allows a very generous choice of models: thus, many people go for a covered storage container. Unlike other regular cake plates, such an item will preserve the cakes fresh, even when you have to transport it for instance to a party scene. The most common materials used for such cake plates include stainless steel and plastic, and they usually have handles for your better carrying the cake.

The easy and very comfortable replacements for cake plates are dessert cups, which often solve the dessert serving problem. Usually made of glass, these cake plates substitute are ideal when it is very difficult to cut the cake into slices or chunks. Keep in mind, that sometimes, depending on the cake you serve, the cake plates or the cups need to be cooled in the refrigerated or powdered with sugar. One doesn't have to be a professional decorator in order to add a touch of inspiration to sweets: imagination could be your best friend for the matter.

Furthermore, all sorts of funny, but exquisite arrangements can be set. Thus, you can have two or three cake plates on which you build the pieces or the slices in the most fanciful of ways so that the pile should look good and appetizing. Sometimes, there are small cards with funny messages hidden in the pile, or you can try to use an unusual decorative pattern. Using cake plates in such ways will definitely make guests appreciate your elegance and imagination, not to mention that everybody will have their share of fun.

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