Pizza Dough

Pizza dough is fun to make. In fact. pizza is one of the most famous and widely used dishes through out the world. Pizza is very famous now a day through out the world. In America the pizza are popularly known as pizza pie. Pizzas are available in various shapes and sizes and at quite considerable rates.

There are various types of toppings used in different pizzas some of the various types of pizza toppings which are used commonly are listed below:-

Sauce is generally used in the pizza. The sauce used may be made up of tomato or garlic paste.

Cheese is also added in the pizzas. Mozzarella cheese is used quite frequently for the topping of the pizzas.

Various types of herbs or seasonings like basil, oregano and garlic are also used in the pizzas as toppings. A large variety of vegetables is used as toppings. Some of the commonly used toppings for pizzas include is bell peppers, eggplants, onions, spinach, sweet corn etc.

To add more tastes Meats like ground beaf, bacon, harm, chicken; seafood etc. are used on the pizzas.


There are various types of pizzas available in different types and also in a wide variety of shapes. The sizes of pizzas is also different the general size is however round. The shops of the restaurants where you get pizzas may also provide with an option of creating your own type of pizza as per your taste with your favorite toppings. Some of the well-known and regular types of pizzas are the pepperoni pizzas, the sausage pizzas, the garlic with cheese etc.

Pizza dough

The pizza dough is the crust or the base of the pizza. It is generally white in color and it can be prepared by many numbers of ways and techniques. It is of fermented type and is made of with the help of yeast. There are varieties of dough and large number of techniques is available for the preparation of the dough. There are various types and forms of dough available in the market if you don't want to prepare it by yourself.

The dough of the pizza generally includes the following ingredients: -


Warm water is preferred

Yeast which is quick rising

Salt this is added according to the quantity of the dough to be prepared.

The amount of sugar to be added is also dependent upon the quantity of the dough to be prepared.

Excess Virgin Olive Oil is also needed for the preparation of the dough.

Cheese of Grated Parmesan type may also be added to make the dough tastier.

Bright red sauce may or may not be used.

Semolina flour which should be ice cold should be used.

Honey may also be used for the dough.

Apart from the above mentioned there are many types of ingredients used for the preparation of the dough.

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