Wedge Pillow

Pregnancy is one of the most special parts in a woman's life; it is both beautiful and difficult at the same time since there are all sorts of discomforts associated with the great transformations taking place in the mother's body. For sleep improvement in such special conditions, designers have come up with a true innovation: the wedge pillow. During the last trimester of pregnancy, women cannot sleep on their back because of poor blood flow, they have difficulties breathing because of the large dimensions of the belly, and sleeping on the stomach is completely out of discussion. There is one variant left: sleeping on the sides; and a wedge pillow favors one of the most comfortable sleep postures.

A wedge pillow consists of two parts: one supports the belly in the sideways position, and the other part is created for the comfort of the lower back area. Basically a wedge pillow drastically reduces the pressure at the coccyx bones level. Depending on how large the belly is, the wedge pillow allows the variant of adjusting the size. This great sleep item has supplementary cushions that can increase the comfort of the pregnant woman if placed between the knees. Don't worry about the size of the wedge pillow, we are not talking about a bulky item so there will be plenty of room in bed too.

Moving and adjusting the wedge pillow brings absolutely no difficulty or inconvenience to the pregnant woman, since the pillow is neither bulky nor heavy. The only thing you should be careful with is that it doesn't fall off the bed. You can have a look at such practical pillows on the many Internet sites that sell them directly online; thus if you don't have the time or disposition to go shopping for a wedge pillow you can always have it shipped directly to your home.

There are other ways to use a wedge pillow, one of the most efficient allows placing the feet in an elevated position during sleep so as to prevent or alleviate swelling. Furthermore, even after the baby is born, you should not put the wedge pillow away as it can be used for the little one too. A wedge pillow can help create the right body elevation necessary for the babies with digestive reflux; always use a cotton dressing to prevent your baby from sweating and wash the casing with special detergents so as not to trigger any allergic reactions for the little one.

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