Quilted Pillows

Many family rooms have that cozy and warm atmosphere that charm any visitor: much of the effect is achieved by the use of special decorations such as quilted pillows. They look soft, puffy and most important of all inviting, not to mention that they are quite inexpensive to make at home if that be your intention. There are plenty of tips online about how to make quilted pillows, as well as special covers for these items. Easy to wash materials are highly recommended as you'd otherwise have to take the covers of the quilted pillows to a special laundry to have them dry cleaned.

The special patterns of some quilted pillows make the right spot of color to brighten any room: the design, the thicker material as well as the various decorative motifs play an important role in the overall effect. Even if the basic casing be made of silk for instance, other quilted material is added to it afterwards; the overall look is achieved by stitching the seams together in a special way. The most common model of quilted pillows is the double-color one, with one of the colors creating the background against which the other stands out. All sorts of designs can also be cut and applied to these decorative items to enhance the aesthetic effect.

Some of the nicest decorative models are considered to be Hawaiian quilted pillows that catch the eye by the incredibly vivid colors used in the floral design. Zippers are camouflaged in the seams and the dyes used for the coloring are 100% organic, being extracted from plants and minerals. For the children's room or the kitchen, quilted pillows with animal models are very popular; some parents even order special quilted pillows made in the form of teddy bears to the great delight of the little ones.

In terms of prices, quilted pillows are neither cheap nor expensive, generally speaking the prices are somewhere in between. Variations may often appear if there is a handcrafted model or if the work performed on the pillows was supplementary to regular decorations. Machine-made quilted pillows will always be less costly, not to mention that an intricacy in the design or the pattern is likely to add up to the starting price. Nevertheless, for someone who wants to buy some quality products, it is important to be sure that the quilted pillows were manufactured according to high standards.

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