Pillow Shams

When you try to change something about the interior decorations of your home, regardless of whether it is the living room, the bedroom or the study, pillow shams can be just the item you've been looking for. Made of a variety of materials and fabrics, pillow shams are decorative but not functional; they do not replace the regular pillow casings on which one sleeps. Therefore, when purchasing pillow shams, house embellishment is the only thing you should be looking for; pillow shams show their beauty during the day when the bed is made and natural light creates the right shades and accents to reveal interesting decorative patterns.

In order to please all interior design expectations pillow shams are manufactured from a variety of fabrics : silk, cotton, leather, satin, tweed, polyester and so on. What you need to be aware of when choosing pillow shams is that the texture of their material should match that of the bed mattress or the sofa coverings and the drapes too. If you stay focused on meeting these criteria, then you'll no longer be confused about the wide offer of pillow shams available on the market. Embroidery, painted or printed models, decorative beads and any other artistic items can be used for the decoration of the shams.

The pillow shams model is equally related to the personality and even the age of the people who spend time in a certain room. Vivid bright colors work great for the decoration of children's or teenagers' rooms; cartoon characters and animal pictures are highly appropriate for the pillow shams kids have around during the day. On the other hand, for the bedroom of a married couple, pillow shams are often made of very soft materials such as silk or satin. Decorative pillows will definitely have to match the mattress design in color, cut and even texture. Therefore, make your choices with utmost care!

For rooms occupied by male teenagers, pillow shams in dark colors are usually preferred; simple designs work best for the matter: embroidery, tassels or fringes are completely inappropriate for decorative purposes. Nevertheless, girls will definitely enjoy such artistic details on the pillow shams in their rooms: pink, red, white, orange and yellow are most usually the favorite colors, not to mention that the design of the pillows and their shams will be equally varied. Pillow shams can be changed from time to time according to your mood and even to the time of the year. The holidays for instance will definitely require a certain type of pillow shams to enhance the overall atmosphere.

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