Lumbar Pillow

When driving or simply sitting at the desk we often find ourselves in the most uncomfortable or tense of positions that give rise to serious back pains and even health problems that are likely to affect one on the long term. The use of a lumbar pillow can relieve and eliminate the back discomfort caused by an improper body posture; the main advantage of a lumbar pillow is that it allows the spine to rest in an anatomical position that is compatible with the natural curve of the back. This type of pillows is very often included in the design of the driver's car seat as well as in that of special desk chairs.

A more specialized lumbar pillow model relies on the medical use of magnets in the treatment of strains, sciatica or herniated disks; these are all health conditions that are most usually associated with hard to suffer pains. Attached to the back in the lumbar area, this kind of pillow is made of some kind of medical foam with special magnets included in the structure. The pillow can be worn during activities that put a lot of pressure on your back muscles, easing strains and tension by the influence of the magnetic fields.

Lumbar pillows are easy to use, and so comfortable that you won't even realize they are present; what you'll definitely feel is the lack of tension in the lower back part of your body. In case you are using a detachable form of pillow, make sure it is hypo-allergic and easy to clean too; usually, the cover is washable and the dressing of the pillow antibacterial, so no reason to worry about. Just take a look! Such “para medical” items can also be ordered directly on the computer, most usually free of shipping charges.

If the lumbar pillow is not incorporated in the driver seat, you can use a detachable one available in any car accessories shop. Such items that you are going to attach to the car seat should be tested before purchase so as to make sure that they are comfortable enough when driving; most shops will have a driver's seat replica where you can try the model. The prices are more than reasonable; they usually range between $25 and $50; they could be a little more expensive in the case of the magnetic models mentioned above, but even under such circumstances they still remain accessible.

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