Down Pillows

Can down pillows be safely used by people who suffer from allergies to feathers? Studies indicate that so far, there are not enough conclusive data to indicate that down pillows are more likely to trigger allergies than other synthetic models. Furthermore, specialists say that there are very few cases when people react to feathers as allergens, and that a fit of asthma is more likely to start from the dust and mites that can accumulate in any type of pillows. Designers now make sure that down pillows are tightly woven so as to keep any such allergy triggers out. Nevertheless, there are scientists who claim that people with allergies should not use anything on the bed unless it can be ashed with hot water.

In case you have an allergy to feathers, then it is definitely wise to avoid down pillows; better buy a synthetic pillow made of special foam or polyester, as they are highly hypoallergenic. Some types of down pillows are labeled as naturally anti-allergic, and they often include anti-microbial protections too. However, this kind of models are definitely expensive, a feature that is most often common for many other anatomical or organic bed items. Another element that may be labeled as an inconvenient of down pillows is the fact that they require a special type of cleaning.

If we were to make a market research, we'd be definitely surprised to learn that natural down pillows are no longer held in such high esteem as they used to be in the past. This is a normal phenomenon if we consider the fact that synthetic down is now widely available. Many people prefer it to real down because it does not keep them very warm during summer as it remains cool all night long. Synthetic down pillows are more expensive than their natural counterparts, but they are easily washable and very soft too.

Most interior design shops also sell down pillows, but to get a real picture of how wide the offer is, you should definitely look over the Internet. Down pillows are extremely comfortable during the cold season, when they will make one feel extremely cozy and warm all night long. However, mention should be made that owing to their advanced softness, down pillows are not recommended to people who suffer from spinal problems or back pain, as the body position during sleep may not exactly be the healthiest one.

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