Donut Pillow

A donut pillow is especially created and shaped so as to come to the help of those people who suffer from a tail-bone affection, or who, for some reason cannot properly sit in a vertical position. Hemorrhoids, surgery, tail bone injury and even colon problems can prevent one from sitting because of the hard to bear pain. A donut pillow is firm and shaped like a torus with an empty space left right in the middle, so as to minimize the pressure in the area. The name of such medical pillows is also very suggestive for the shape of the object, as it pretty much resembles a donut.

Thanks to the empty space in the middle or the so-called carved area, one may sit without making the coccyx bear all the body weight; a donut pillow can be placed anywhere one needs to sit, from a chair to the coach. The prices for various sizes are more than accessible; these pillows are actually manufactured for medical purposes and they target anyone, regardless of the financial status. Furthermore, depending on your weight, you could choose between small, medium or large models, most of them made of polyurethane foam.

Pregnant women also find a great friend in a donut pillow as this great item distributes body weight evenly, and there is not too much pressure on the bones in the coccyx area. You will definitely sit more safely and comfortably without being bothered by the slightest pain. A donut pillow is usually made of one single piece of molded foam, which is necessarily wrapped in cotton or polyester dressing that is easily washable. Furthermore, in case you suffer from a chronic problem that troubles you on a regular basis, the donut pillow is likely to last for a pretty long time, as the design covers long-term durability too.

A ring shaped donut pillow will anatomically fit your body, and enhance comfort for any seating surface. Have a look at what such pillows look like on the many web pages that promote such products. Between cotton and polyester dressings, the former are definitely preferable during the hot season, as they prevent sweating, whereas the latter are more difficult to use in summer time as the synthetic texture of the material creates a more difficult to tolerate contact surface with the body. Nevertheless, dressings or casings can be changed or alternated if it ever be the case.

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