Bolster Pillow

By shape and design any bolster pillow would definitely stand out: cylindrical and long in structure, the bolster is filled with fibers, wool or cotton, being mainly used as back and head support in bed. The tradition of the bolster pillow is present in many cultures, from America to Europe and the Far East; it is in Asian countries that it is designed so as to be hugged during sleep.

There is a tradition that says the bolster pillow was made of bamboo and given to the man so that he wouldn't feel lonely while away. This used to be a common practice in Asian countries, but Europeans for instance were no strangers to the idea either: the bolster pillow was actually called the Dutch wife or the bamboo wife.

There is even a medical application of sleeping with a bolster pillow; children in some families are encouraged to hug it until they grow into adulthood. It is considered to be very good for soothing nerves and calming one's mind during sleep. If you'd like to buy such a pillow, you won't have to look too far as they are available in a variety of models in almost all department stores and house decoration shops; usually bolster pillow cases are also offered in the package.

Another name under which the bolster is known in the Western world is body pillow, considered very healthy for sleep thanks to the semi-anatomical shape it has. A bolster pillow is a great item to ensure quality sleep for infants. Medical studies have revealed that the rate of baby dying during sleep because of choking is a lot reduced when such a cylindrical item is put at the back for support.

The important fact about a bolster pillow manufactured with all the technological advantages available today is that minimal amounts of material are used in the fabrication process. It is both resistant, being used for long periods of time without showing the touch of use. Easy cleaning by regular washing is also another common feature of most bolster pillow models too, so, there should be no inconvenience about that either.

Don't worry about matching a bolster pillow with the rest of your bedroom decorations; sheets and pillow cases can be purchased together so that everything looks nice and cozy. Regardless whether you sleep alone or with your life partner, a bolster pillow is a nice item to have around in bed; when you hug your beloved you can keep the bolster at your back and feel both warm and safe. Rest well!

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