Power Pilates

Power Pilates are standard Pilate education forms which have been in operation since 1989. They are running certification programs from the year 1997. Their main purpose is to honor the methods taught by Joseph Pilates. In addition to this, they also teach new and innovative techniques to various students. Here are 6 Power Pilate studios in New York City, 3 in California and 2 in Chicago.

Dana Eisenstein is one of the teachers in power Pilates. She was born in South Florida. She had passion for performance from her childhood. She learnt to dance and became a professional dancer. She began to learn Pilate techniques as a way to cure her dance related injuries she then noticed a tremendous change in her body and mind. . She then started doing her certification course in Pilates and completed the course in 1998. Now she is one of the senior grade teachers in Power Pilates. She is organizing certification programs all over the world. She had released numerous DVDs, books etc on Power Pilates.

Power Pilate’s aims at providing the exercise techniques simpler. It also focuses on providing great relaxation to the performer. Unlike Conventional exercise routines, Pilates are being performed without any stress. These techniques are safe and effective. Many Hollywood celebrities and sports athletes are practicing these techniques nowadays.

Power Pilate in New York City specializes in providing physical training to people. It has lot of Pilate apparatus. It may look like circus training institute. But the exercises taught here are basically intended to get core strength. Female students are taught some classical approach. Pilate techniques taught here are the best way to get flat tummies and slim hips.

Power Pilates help in proper alignment of body. Many students learnt these techniques with ease. The movements taught here are similar to dance or yoga. But Pilates is not a derivative of Yoga. The only disadvantage of these techniques is that they are too bored since there are number of exercises involved here.

In fact many people get lot of benefits by doing power Pilates. They believe that they have got tremendous change in body and mind. They feel that it is a wonderful experience to do these work outs. Power Pilate is therefore a great organization that supports number of people to learn the techniques easily and quickly.

Pilate’s techniques are taught here irrespective of the age. Old people aged above 45 years can also learn these techniques. They will surely find the range of motion of body and flexibility in muscles.

Though we can practice Pilate exercises at home in a mat, it is advisable to visit Power Pilates at least twice a week in order to get the help of experts. It will really increase the benefits of the Pilate exercises.

Pilate exercises though simple to understand will provide benefits double the time if practiced with the help of a physical trainer. This is especially useful for a beginner. You must also remember that advanced exercises should be done only after getting enough practice.

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