Pilates Style

Pilates style is one of the most popular physical fitness practice of North America. It is a form of exercise, which is used for the purpose of muscle strengthening, toning and flexibility of body. It helps to improve posture along with consoling the mind and improving the mental focus. Pilates style is featured with a series of exercises, performed in systematic sequence. The focus on all area of the body is the main intention of this exercise. With the help of special equipments, you can be trained.

Though there are number of different types of Pilates style followed allover the world, Traditional Pilates and Stott Pilates are two main types. Traditional Pilates style includes a hundred different exercises designed by Joseph Pilates in twentieth century. Yoga and ancient Greek exercise routines are the main constituents of this type. These are primarily designed to work on body muscles of the abdominal and back. These are the core muscles of the body. Generally, traditional Pilates exercises are performed in the sequence as definition Joseph Pilate.

A professional dancer and a group of medicine experts were introduced Stott Pilates. Though it uses many of original Joseph Pilates exercises, some modification were introduced to make it safe and more accessible to more people. In this Pilates style, anatomically correct movements supporting the neck, back and spine are incorporated. This proved to be helpful especially for elderly people, for recovering from an injury.

Pilates style include two main types of exercises, Mat work and Reformer exercise. Mat work exercises are executed on a mat placed on the floor, just like in case of Yoga. Most of the Pilates classes in local gym and fitness studios offers the mat work exercises. There are about 40 different mat work exercises. Some of the mat work exercises are performed on the back, side and stomach of the body, while some can be performed in sitting and kneeling position. This exercise allows working on the core muscles of body using the weight of body for natural resistance. While, additional resistance is provided by specialized Pilates equipments. Toning ring, weighted ball and beanbags are some of the Pilates equipments.

Reformer exercises use a specialized resistance Pilates equipment. It is a spring-loaded machine, which has a moving carriage. The reformer can be moved by pushing a foot bar mounted on a special pulley. This will definitely add to your own resistance of Pilates workouts. This equipment is available at any well-equipped Pilates studio.

Regular practice of Pilates style will help you to increase your lung capacity. Great balance of body and mind can be achieved in with the improvement of blood circulation by Pilates exercises. Reduction in stress levels can also be experienced. Better posture along with lean and tone muscles attained with no injuries.

Since, Pilates style primarily focuses on low-impact strengthening and stretching exercises, any age group can follow Pilates. Pregnant women, senior citizens, children over the age of 12 years and soldiers suffering from injuries are most of the followers of Pilates.

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