Spicy Pickles

Spicy pickles are the best supportive food we can have. Pickles have been a part of our diet since ancient times. The origin of this spicy food not exactly known but the history for spicy pickles dates back to 4000 years in India. Pickles are believed to be originated in India and explorers taken them to the rest of the world. Pickles are used to preserve the food for long duration. Vegetables and fruits are preserved in special syrups and liquids so that it gets some spice and will long last.

Pickles are typically eaten in small quantity and their main functionality is of taste enhancement. Various types spicy pickles are there. Pickles are mainly categorized in two main types; mainly Asian and western. Asian pickles are generally spicier and contain extensive range of spice and food types. Western pickles are comparatively less spicy and are mainly prepared from green vegetables and fruits. In addition, pickles are categorized by the methods of preparation. Fresh pickles, Fermented pickles, relished pickles and fruit pickles are the different types of methods for pickles.

Western pickles are generally not fermented and are consumed directly. Fresh vegetables and fruits are used to prepare pickles. In some pickles, fish and meat is also included to get the taste. Some spice like vinegar, salt, sugar and different sauces are added to vegetables and fruits. Western pickles are generally refrigerated and consumed as main food. Different types of western pickles are Dill Pickles, Genuine Dills, Bread n Butter Cucumber Spears, Dill Spears, Hoagie Pickle, Hamburger Dill, Kosher Dill Spears, Sweet Gherkins, Sweet Pickles, Kosher Dill Pickle, Sweet Cucumber, Sweet Salad, Midget Gherkins pickle, Spears Kosher pickle and lots more.

Asian pickles are famed as spicy pickles. They are generally preserved pickles prepared from different methods. In Asia, pickles are termed as herbal medicinal source of food. Various fruits and vegetables are used and wide ranges of spices are added into it. In Asian countries, pickles are homemade and are necessary part of their diet. People prepare pickles in varied types and each region or community have different methods and techniques for pickles. Chinese and Indian pickles are world famous. Among the Chinese pickles, chow chow, kim chee are the famous ones. In Japan, plum pickles and in Indonesia atjar kuning is a favorite. Indian pickles are considered as the spiciest pickles. Instead of vinegar, oil is more extensively is used in Indian pickles. Use of hot pepper, salt, chilly, ginger, garlic, Indian gooseberry is popular. Various types of Indian pickles are lemon pickle, mango pickle, lime pickle, onion pickle, carrot pickle, garlic pickle, chilly pickle, tamarind pickle, and mix pickle. Mix pickle is prepared with the use of carrot, radish, mango, lemon, dry chilly and other fruits and vegetables. There are varied methods for preparation of each type of pickles, and each methods gives different taste depending on the spices used in it.

Spicy pickles are like examples of expert preservation techniques. As long as they are not exposed to moisture, pickles remain unspoiled and eatable. All sort of fruits are used in pickles and various flavors are prepared. In some countries, pickling process is used for preservation of fish and other animal meat.

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