Pickles And Ice Cream

Pickles and ice creams are the most delicious and tempting food products. However during pregnancy the craving for these items reaches a very high level. The mere mention or sight of pickles is enough to cause a craving for a pregnant woman. Even the thought of ice creams is equally tempting. Although, these food items cannot be eaten together, their craving is irresistible, some sweet pickles make excellent toppings for ice-creams.

In pregnancy women tend to crave for weird combinations of food items such as pickles and ice creams. Pickles tend to produce a hot and tangy taste and an equally delicious aroma. On the other hand, ice creams are the delectable food items which can be savored irrespective of age, gender and season. Pregnant women love to munch on the salty pickles as well as sweet ice creams.

If the percentage of such craving women is calculated almost 68 percent crave for ice creams and pickles. And hence a maternity store has been named after these food items. The store is very famous and is a chain of shops.

Pickles and Ice cream is a famous maternity store chain in the United States of America. It is the oldest and the largest maternity store and is equally famous in all parts of the country. The main reason for creation of the store chain was to provide the expecting mothers with all kinds of facilities for the period before and after pregnancy. The store understands all the needs of such women and strives very hard to provide them all.

The store takes good care of the mother for nine months as well as of the baby later. Maternity clothes for earlier stages of pregnancy are the main items of the store. Even clothes for the second, third and the last stage of pregnancy are available here.

A number of other accessories such as diaper bags, baby gifts, nursing items and lingerie are available in large numbers at the store. The shop also offers these products online so that there is no need to visit the store each time for a single small thing. The store also sends invitations, promotions coupons, new arrival information to the customers to enable mothers to know of new and necessary products. Every Pickles and Ice cream store is designed to suit the needs of that particular location and consists of tailor made articles which are in high demand in the market.

The products available in the store are high quality branded maternity clothing, exquisite and fashionable accessories, nursing items and many more. Casual and comfortable yet modern and designer clothing items are made available to mothers at reasonable prices. Diapers, baby clothes, diaper bags, toys, and gift items for mothers as well as babies are also on the item list of the store.

The store also provides personalized facilities such as customer service to report complaints, suggestions or any other needs, play area for kids accompanying their expecting mothers and many more such services. This creates a feeling of care, love and affection amongst the customers for the store. Thus, it can be seen that pickles and ice cream are the most savored and famous pregnancy food items.

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