Pickle Jar

Pickle jar theory is related to time management. There are number of time management theories which we had read in the past. However, all of us have a problem of managing time properly. The pickle jar theory will help you in time management.

Take a big pickle jar which can hold largest pickles. Put as many large rocks as possible. When the jar is full, try to put two more rocks. Then put some small pebbles. Put as many pebbles as possible. Then fill the jar with handful of sands and add some water.

This exercise will make you understand that we have large priorities in life like large rocks. Some things in life will be enjoyable like pebbles. We have some things like sand and some things in life will get in everywhere like water.

All the other time management theories do not focus on balance. But Pickle jar theory is deals with the aspect of creating proper balance. You can make time for everything in life. Pickle jar theory helps to manage time easily. Without knowing this theory, you may find it difficult to manage time. Though you may work hard and your team is working properly, you may find something is missing. You may feel really frustrated when you may not able to finish the work in time. If something has happened unexpectedly, then all your work may be affected.

You must believe that it is not your problem alone. This is the problem of the world. However there are some people who manage time properly and remain stress free. Every body has the same 24 hours only. Then you may wonder what makes that difference. The solution is provided by pickle jar theory.

Pickle jar theory suggests giving the priority to emergencies like large rocks. This will help you to get things earlier and without any frustration. When you finish the emergency works which are literally described as large rocks, then you will find time to concentrate on other works which are like pebbles and sand.

Some people may fell that no time management theory is working properly for them. Letís take the same example pickle jar. Instead of filling it with large rocks first fill it with water. Then try and add some sand. You can not put even pebbles in the jar now. This is the essence of pickle jar theory. First ensure that all priorities are dealt with first. Then you can go for the least important things in a day.

Pickle jar theory is something useful in scheduling your time. This approach will help you to manage time and to have more of it. You will surely find that you have time for doing everything you want in a day. You may still have some time to enjoy some exciting activities. You will feel relaxed and remain stress free since your schedule begins to flow better.

Pickle jar theory overcomes the problems of all the other time management theories. If you start using this approach, you will find time to get important things done first and still you will have some time to lead the life happily.

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