Kosher is the word used for food that abides by the Jewish law. It also means that meat and milk mixture is prohibited. Even utensils used for cooking are separate from those used for non kosher foods. Kosher is a word belonging to the Hebrew language. It means “fit” and the Torah that is the most important document laid down by the Jewish people, also specify guidelines and rules for the Jewish about what to and what not to eat.

Jews have very strict rules about the food stuff that is eaten. Rabbinical supervision as well as certification is necessary for vegetables, fruits etc. Today kosher foods mean that the food stuff is certified by any kosher company such as Organized Kashrut Laboratories that is authorized. Strict inspection of all food items is carried out. It includes checking of vat, ovens, containers, conveyor belts as well as packing machinery and materials. Thorough inspection ensures that no non- kosher food is included in the kosher food.

Kosher products can be easily found in the market. A sign made as a circled U or a K or a Star- K, etc is used to distinguish the kosher food stuffs from the non kosher ones. Even the store keeper will tell whether the food is kosher or not.

A kosher pickle is a dill pickle that is made under the supervision of the rabbi. The procedure ensures that no non kosher utensils or other materials and equipment come in contact with the kosher pickles. Kosher pickle is a pickle that is prepared in a traditional way of the Jewish pickle manufacturers. It makes use of a large amount of garlic which is added to the vinegar brine. The ingredients for making a kosher pickle are as follows;

1. ˝ cup kosher salt

2. 1 kilogram medium sized cucumbers

3. 1 cup boiling water

4. An entire garlic

5. 2 tablespoons of dried dill and 1 tablespoon of dill seeds or a bug bunch of fresh dill stems or 1 tablespoon coriander seeds


* Wash the cucumbers well and cut slices or make quarters of them.

* Place the cucumbers in a water bath. Add salt and ice cubes to the mixture. Wait until the ice cubes melt and the water returns to room temperature.

* In a large cooking pot, mix the other ingredients. Generous amount of garlic should be used.

* After about 2 hours of cutting the cucumbers, dip them slowly in the brine mixture prepared.

* Place them in the mixture for about 12 to 24 hours so that the taste is distributed evenly across all the cucumbers.

* Put the cucumbers in pickling jars and add the brine to it. Seal the jars and place them in the refrigerator.

* The pickles will start fermenting when they are made to stand for a long time in the brine. However it takes less time to ferment at room temperature and more time in the refrigerator.

Thus making kosher pickles is not difficult. The only problem is the use of utensils. Proper use of utensils conforming to the Jewish law and certified by the kosher company is necessary to do so.

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