Fried Pickles

A fried pickle is an item which is classified as a snack. It is commonly found in South America. It is generally prepared by deep frying a sliced yet smashed cucumber pickle.

The recipe of fried pickle originated in New Orleans in America according to a research. Even today the deep fried pickles are available across all bars and restaurants in the country. Each of the fried pickle recipes is new, unique and equally irresistible.

The deep fried pickles can be made from any kind of pickle. These different types of pickles are pickle slices, pickles spears as well as whole pickles. The flavor of the fried pickles is not that important as any kind of flavor is equally delicious and tempting. The ideal combination is the normal or the garlic pickle. However even the bread and butter pickles and baby gherkin pickles taste exquisite. These are some of the best choices while selecting any pickle dish.

The recipe is a very delicious one and even people trying to avoid fatty foods tend to be tempted by this particular pickle. This is a very addicting dish and one who eats cannot resist for the second helping of the same. The main ingredients of a fried pickle include eggs, milk, and flour, sauce of choice, pepper, dried pickles, and oil for frying and seasoning. The process is also very simple as the first 5 ingredients are mixed thoroughly; the pickles are dipped in the mixture and deep fried. Hence making fired pickles is not at all a difficult task.

When in a restaurant it is necessary that the flavor and the type of pickle are chosen. People usually opt for sliced fried pickles as they are easier to eat. However the folded- cut pickle sticks to the batter more firmly and hence it is a popular choice. Deep fried pickles generally take a longer time to cook as frying until the inner layer is extremely essential. Pickle spears are also a good option. The spears can be easily eaten just like pickle slices.

It is recommended that refrigerated pickles be used when preparing fried pickles. The reason for this is that the outer batter sticks better if refrigerated. The batter used for pickles can be made from either flour or corn meal. A variety of spices can be used to enhance the taste and flavor of the pickles. The taste of the fried pickles also depends on the oil used for frying. The oil that can be used is vegetable, corn, peanut, safflower, canola or olive. Each of the oils has a different flavor and taste and hence it is a very important decision which oil to use.

Fried pickles are thus a delight to eat. The ingredients of the dish make it even more special and tasty. People in America as well other places enjoy these delicacies. This is a very unusual dish but is enjoyed by all. As it can be prepared at home and is quite appetizing, it has gained a lot of popularity.

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