Tmj Physical Therapy

What is tmj physical therapy? Before discussing tmj physical therapy you should know what TMJ or TMD is, what causes this condition and, eventually, what treatments and cures there are for it, if any. TMJ or TMD is a typical condition of the Temporo Mandibular Joints or the jaws. This disorder is kind of strange because, although there are several causes for it and several different treatments tmj physical therapy among them, there is not even one cure for it identified yet. Some of the factors which lead to TMJ/TMD are: trauma from accidents, falling or punches on the jaw, grinding and clenching of the teeth during sleep or wake up times, bad bite, strong emotions which may lead to tightening or tensing up of the muscles, or posture or position of the jaw or head for long periods, which could also produce strain on the joints and muscles in this area.

The temporomandibular joint connects the temporal bone of your skull with the mandible (lower kawbone). There are two such joints - each in front of one ear, and they are supported by ligaments, muscles and tendons, which are the ones responsible for the movements and injuries of the jaws. So, when one of this parts of the temporomandibular areas are hurt in some way, tmj physical therapy together with other treatments may be suggested by your doctor. With tmj physical therapy procedures and techniques the symptoms of this condition may be weakened. But which are the symptoms of TMJ/TMD? The most annoying one is the pain which is very sharp and sometimes very persistent. This pain affects larger areas around the jaws (neck, temple, teeth, shoulders, side of the head) as all the muscles connected to the jaws are affected by it. Other symptoms in TMJ/TMD are: temporary blocking of the jaws, dizziness and vomiting, temporary hearing loss, migraine, ringing in the ears, snapping and popping of the jaws, difficulty or even incapacity to move the jaws and swelling on the areas affected. For all these tmj physical therapy may bring relief.

The treatment of TMJ/TMD is done according to the symptoms patients have, with anti-inflammatory medicines and/or pain killers. Unfortunately not only medicines but also tmj physical therapy are just temporary treatments. Although quite costly, tmj physical therapy is more useful since it does more than what the medicines do. With tmj physical therapy you get increased joints flexibility and muscle relaxation as well as pain alleviation. The techniques and procedures used in tmj physical therapy are: ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation(TENS), friction massage, electrmyographic biofeedback and spray and stretch exercises.

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