Salary For Physical Therapy

Are you interested in your prospects in the field of physical therapy? Do you want to find out about the possible earnings in the field? Well, the salary for physical therapy should be one of your concerns if you want to wark in the field of physical therapy. The salary for physical therapy obviously varies depending on some factors. No matter how much research you will do, you will not find an exact amount of salary for physical therapy until you get hired. Anyway what you can find out is an estimate of this field’s earnings from different sources on the Internet on the condition you know exactely what you are looking for.

One thing is definitely good for you if you are interested in taking up a job in the field of physical therapy and that is the great demand for this kind of service which is steadily increasing. As a result the salary for physical therapy is definitely growing attractive, too. According to serious, accredited sources, such as the American Physical Therapy Association 2005 Median Income of Physical Therapists Summary Report, median annual earnings of physical therapy workers were around $68,000 four years ago. Median salary for physical therapy went from $51,000, for workers with 0 to 3 years’ work experience, up to $75,000 for those who had already worked over 15 years in the field. According to a newer report, the median salary for physical therapy is $75,000 for therapists and $42,000 for theraoy assistants, obviously more or less depending on the position, degree of education, years of experience, geographical location, type of practice, practice setting and other factors.

Yet, other sources get into more detail when it comes to the salary for physical therapy giving information about earnings in 2006 for different services within the field of physical therapy. For instance there is one source which says that the salary for physical therapy was, in 2006, the median one of course, $66,200; they also mention that the mid 50% earned something from $55,030 to $78,080; according to them, the lowest 10% got less than $46,510 whereas the Highest 10%,over $94,810. The amounts received by therapists in May 2006 in home health care services were $70,920, in nursing care facilities, $68,650, in general medical and surgical hospitals, $66,630, offices of physicians, $ 65,900 and in offices of physical, occupational and speech therapists, and audiologists they were $65,150. The salary for physical therapy has very good prospects since, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities look good especially in rehabilitation, hospital and orthopedic settings. Besides, the need for physical therapists is expected to grow alot faster than the average growth in the other occupations through 2014.

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