Physical Therapy Salary

When talking about physical therapy salary, we need to keep in mind a number of variables, since this specialty is so broad and covers so many different disorders, types of injuries, etc and is carried out in various ways and in various places, using diverse methods, approaches, techniques and equipment. Another aspect to consider when we discuss physical therapy salary, is how workers are compensated – we have to keep in mind the various ways of making the payments: annual salaries, hourly wages, commissions, bonuses or tips. Beside these two criteria of deciding on the physical therapy salary, there are some others no less important than the previously mentioned ones; for instance experience, performance, tenure, responsibility, and, why not, geographic area.

Useful information regarding the gainings of physical therapy workers can be found in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. This Handbook offers a lot of information with regard to earnings in differrent industries, based on surveys and data from various state and non governmental organizations, and although the latest figures, statistics and analises are from 2006 and 2007, they are accurate and reliable. You can depend on this information and get a clear picture of what your prospects working in the field of physical therapy are and what the physical therapy salary range is.

In the Occupational Outlook Handbook physical therapy salary is presented in accordance with different categories of criteria. They present from four perspectives: 1) national estimates for this occupation; 2) industry profile for this occupation; 3) state profile for this occupation and 4) metropolitan area profile for this occupation. Therefore, if you are interested in your income in this field, you should check each category to see exactly where you fit, thus being able to figure out a pretty accurate value for your work. When you check with the data provided by the Handbook you will notice the other sub –divisions regarding how the payments are made, what the top industries where this kind of work is required are, the percentages for earnings in relation with where and how this work is performed and the degree of specialization you have, etc.

Physical therapy salary is obviously different, also depending on the precise type of job/position you are interested in. Anyway, whether you want a job as a physical therapist, a physical therapist aid or a physical therapist assistant, you should check with the Handbook and discuss with your employer. One thing is for sure, you must be aware of and expect to have a different salary from other physical therapist workers.

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