Physical Sports Therapy

Physical sports therapy is an association and combination of physical therapy and sports medicine. There are many state and private facilities, clubs and institutions whose work object is represented by physical sports therapy. Their aims are to diagnose, prevent or/and treat through all their means physical, physiological and other conditions and diseases that may occur especially in sports people due to their typical activities. In physical sports therapy the most important aspect is the interdisaciplinary character of the activities. Many rehabilitation and physical therapy institutions take pride in the physical sports therapy activities, equipment and specialists that they have and provide patients with.

Unfortunately, physical inactivity is growing every day, which leads to the development of a wide variety of chronic diseases and health-affecting conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, coronary artery disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, anxiety and depression, to mention just a few. Here is where physical sports therapy has a say if it is used, because, beside improving a patient’s overall health, it is also beneficial and effective in treating and preventing chronic diseases. How does physical sports therapy accomplish so much as to prevent and treat all the above mentioned conditions? Well, simply through the quality of the workers, procedures and approaches as well as through the multitude of specializations that they achieve.

Recent surveys by different agencies related to physical sports therapy organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine, show that nearly two thirds of the patients prefer exercising in order to maintain their health when advised by their physician and provided with the necessary resources. About 40% of the American doctors emphasize the importance and usefulness of physical sports therapy to their patients but, unfortunately they do not advise their patients well enough. It seems that 25% of the patients first see their physicians about physical sports therapy and only later go to health and fitness clubs and sites to get informed.

Obviously, the field of physical sports therapy has a great contribution to the general state of health of the population and especially if people are informed correctly and apply the information by attending the different offers by the physical sports therapy facilities. There are such facilities whose philosophy moves around the idea that exercise and physical activity play a tremendous role in preventing and treating different conditions. They promote and try to implement the concept that „Exercise is Medicine”, at the same time getting involved a lot in promoting it and educating people in this direction.

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