Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most important revenue sources for many small studios or independent photographers. A modern photographer will always be in touch with the latest developments in the camera industry. According to the clients' demands the following requests are usually made: formal pictures made inside a studio, outdoor pictures in a park or a garden, as well as live spontaneous pictures from the wedding party. Indoor photos are always important because the religious and civil ceremonies are traditionally made indoors. After the event the photographer must be able to offer digital prints and slide shows as well as traditional albums.

The history of wedding photography is closely related to the evolution of modern camera from the beginning in 1826 when Joseph Nicephore Niepce made the first photo after an exposure time of eight hours. The first wedding picture was made of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and afterwards most people started to take wedding pictures during the late 19th century. Back then, the wedding photography wasn't taken at the ceremony, people usually posed for a picture after the event, dressed in their best clothes. After 1860s rich persons afforded to hire a photograph to come and stay at their disposal for the entire event.

Beginning with the 1880s wedding albums became popular among most families. From this date on photographs would create albums containing not just ceremonial pictures but also photos from the parties and gift processions. In the early 20th century color wedding photography was available but still unreliable and too expensive, hence most of the pictures were still black and white. After the Second World War the film roll technique and the appearance of flash bulbs helped the wedding industry to improve the photo quality and reduce the costs, making wedding photography affordable.

Today there are two main approaches to wedding photography. First of all the traditional wedding photography implies classical photos and the photograph's implication in all the important moments throughout the day, whereas the photo journalistic alternative focuses more on the subjects with less interaction from the photograph. Most of our modern photographs often make a combination of these two options.

As a wedding is a very special event the photograph must be always ready to capture the most special moments and a pro will surely know what to do. Instead of planning the wedding photography as such, you should rely on the assistance and knowledge of the photographer that will know how to find the best of poses and light angles. Professional photographs will usually plan all the special moments before to eliminate the stress and the possibility of making mistakes.

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