Pinhole Photography

Pinhole photography completely relies on the use of the camera with the traditional glass lens that marked the beginning and the evolution of photo shooting as such. All the present day achievements of the photographic art are somehow rooted in the discovery of the pinhole camera. Unlike our modern cameras, pinhole photography required a longer time of exposure since the image capturing process depended a lot on the aperture and the light focusing. If we go back in time it is more than just wonderful to discover that the first germs of pinhole photography appeared in the Greek antiquity around the year 500 B.C.

The discovery of the way the light traveled inside an enclosed dark space with a small hole in it led to the appearance of the dark room that represents the technological criterion for the working of pinhole photography and the use of modern cameras too. The very essence of pinhole photography depends on the size of the hole that lets the light in. the smaller the pinhole, the clearer the picture. The best pinhole is the perfectly round one, made in thin pieces of material so that the light may pass through without the edges of the hole affecting the quality of the image.

The features of pinhole photography include soft pictures with field depth. The only problem with pictures taken through the pinhole type of length is that they are subject to very few modifications, the angles remain perfectly rectilinear and the chromatic variations are quite more numerous if compared to the photos taken with regular lenses. Pinhole photography has allowed the application of certain optic physical theories to other fields of research too, and it even helped to the understanding of certain curiosities from the wild. It seems that a certain mollusk species sees in a similar way to the formation of the pinhole pictures.

In our modern society pinhole photography has helped to the development of spy cameras that use a combined type of lenses in miniature models. Furthermore, the use of pinholes is pretty known for anyone who considers photography a real hobby: pros often experiment the use of multiple pinholes and specific enlargers to see the achieved picture effects. There are even online galleries devoted to pinhole photography, not to mention that on special events such as international contests, thousands of photos are uploaded on web pages. Get a look and see for yourself!

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