Naturist Photography

The basic principles of naturist photography are to be found in the guidelines of a very nonconformist trend known as naturism. There are several reasons for which this cultural movement is both controversial and interesting at the same time: it basically relies on harmonious life style expressed through social nudity. Naturist photography basically depends on nude models captured in the most common of postures from beach walking to sleeping. In order to better define the term “naturist” and avoid the confusion with naturalism, we could put an equality sign between naturism and nudism. Most naturist photography sessions are organized at special resorts where the community can openly express themselves.

By naturist community we also imply all the facilities where nudity is openly and legally permitted. The major source of inspiration for most naturist photography is to be found in the tradition that claims a complete nudity around the premises of nudism resorts. Clothes wearing is often an option except for the areas such as the swimming pools, the beaches or the sunbathing lawns where clothes are not allowed. Naturist photography reflects all the non-conformism of a life style that contradicts the secular rules that have made people cover their nakedness.

Naturalist photography has nothing to do with pornography, as long as it respects the guidelines of subjects in all the simplicity of their bodies. Naturalism photography doesn't deal with explicit intercourse as that falls under a porn label. More or less naturist photos are meant to show respect for the human body in its entire complexity of structure, as it should be respected, cherished and enjoyed. Despite the calumnies that can be often associated with the naturist life style, people who live according to such principles consider themselves safe from shame, degradation and negative feelings towards the human body in general. Naturist photography is therefore a mirror of the simplicity of form.

Collections of naturist photography are available on special sites on the Internet; some of the web pages even allow importing some pictures as well as the uploading of some others. What you should be careful with in terms of photography downloading is the possibility of infringing the copy right law. Unless otherwise stipulated on the site, the photos are usually the property of those who have made them. Naturist photography catalogs are often included in non-conformist art shows that fully reflect the tendency to free the individual from the burden of prejudices so specific to our times.

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