Kirlian Photography

People who take an interest in paranormal phenomena are very likely aware of the contribution kirlian photography has to the studies in this pseudo-scientific research domain. In simple words kirlian photography is a form of aura photography, meaning that it allows the capturing of the subtle energetic fields that surround any life form. The physical explanation that lies behind kirlian photography is the electric field or the energy discharges and transfers that occur between various elements within an environment. This means that a photo could show more than one may see with the naked eye, and apparently the entire process relies on the properties of the cameras used for kirlian photography.

Called after the name of its inventor, kirlian photography is actually a reformulation and re-actualization of a phenomenon very often know as elecrography. Kirlian was not the first in his attempts to achieve unique outcomes for science and photography, as there have been other 18th and 19th century trials in the same direction. The interesting part about kirlian photography is the meaning it gets in metaphysical or paranormal contexts. Consider for instance the fact that one of the major attributes of kirlian photography was that of making the acupuncture points in the human body visible on a film.

Various experiments have been made to test kirlian photography and the possibilities it offers for the study of the energetic fields of living objects. This could also be the proof for any skeptical person who would strongly deny the existence of unseen energetic dimensions that are beyond immediate understanding or grasping by the human mind. Even more interesting is the fact that even inanimate objects influence the camera in kirlian photography, as the pictures show energy emissions in such cases too. For people who are a little familiar with such items, it is not difficult to realize that the whole structure of the world relies on energy transfer.

Though the very down to earth explanation of kirlian photography claims that the entire picture impression relies on normal physical phenomena such as the high voltage corona effect, the controversy is still normal. If it is true that kirlian photography captures more than mere electric discharges, then we are in self denial, living in a world that is both incomplete and shallow. If however, there is no energy body emission to be detected, then, at least we have this solid reality to count on. You may believe it or not, according to your own reason and judgment, and that is for sure!

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