Pet Food

Today a number of families own atleast one pet, it can be a cat or a dog or a rabbit, etc. Having pets with you means you have to take genuine care of all their needs, especially their pet food. All the pet owners have a vast choice of products from which they have to select the Pet food. The pet owners should be aware of their pet nutrition. They should have an understanding about pet food labels

Pet foods generally include canned, dry or semi moist foods to meet their nutritional requirements. The nutritional needs of the pets differ from those of human beings. Therefore, it is advisable not to feed the pets with home made meals that are difficult to digest for them. Every pet, on the other hand have specific dietary needs, as well. The human foods like onions or chocolates are very hazardous for the pets and there are chances for them to get contaminated from micro organisms such as E.coli and salmonella.

The pet foods available in the commercial pet food stores are considered better for the pets. These foods are developed after years of study and research by the manufacturers for providing the pets with the healthy meals. Also, these pet foods are enriched with vitamins are they are nutritionally balanced for the pets to consume it safely.

There are different problems associated with the homemade pet meals like the feeding raw food results in bacterial contamination as well as there are also chances that the disease gets transferred to the human beings. Excess calcium in the food will cause growth problems for the puppies and the kittens; whereas very little calcium may result in weak bones that are easily susceptible to breakage.

While purchasing the pet foods, be sure to see that they are branded and the name of the company, ingredients used in it, pet food labels, etc are all displayed on it. The ingredients used in the pet foods are listed in a descending order from large to small. There is a reason behind using every ingredient in the pet food to meet the nutritional needs of your particular pet.

The pet must be fed according to the feeding directions given on the labels. It should be considered according to the age, breed and activity level of the pet. If you feed them more or less then the estimated amount, it will not give the proper nutrition to the pet. Some pets may eat too much if they are given an opportunity to do so. Over consumption in the pets may also cause health problems and obesity in the pets.

A number of agricultural ingredients are used in the manufacture of the pet foods. This includes seafood, meat, feed grains, poultry and other agricultural products. The pet foods are also supplemented with minerals, vitamins and preservatives for assuring the total nutrition and wholesome distribution. The ingredients used in the pet food shave to be approved by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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