Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas make a perfect way to bring a new touch to a nice garden; they are low cost items and provide a good solution to protect all the family from harmful sun rays on warm spring and summer days. The sizes and the styles of patio umbrellas are so varied that you can actually find anything you like according to the specificity of the location and the climatic peculiarities of your area. There are a few objective factors that could influence the choice of the patio umbrellas. Thus, the model needs to be adequate if you live in an area were winds and storms are part of the regular weather forecast.

A garden open to the action of natural elements as well as the presence of trees in the patio area should be taken into consideration when shopping for patio umbrellas. Always consider the materials that the umbrella is made of; for instance, a wooden pole will mostly rely on a pulley system. Unfortunately, metal and wooden poles are very easy to break if you live in a breezy area, but plastic materials are sometimes just as unreliable. Metal poles can easily rust and you'll risk to have your patio and deck stained when it rains.

The choice here would go toward those patio umbrellas that have very resistant metal structures, made of stainless steel or some other alloy, but even so, the poles should have some water draining system included. The canopy of the patio umbrellas is just as important when making the purchase, and the choice of the model depends on the purpose you buy it for. Are you going to use the umbrella all year round or just in summertime? Waterproof fabrics are the ones you should be after since such patio umbrellas also block the harmful action of the ultraviolets.

Then, it is wise to go for those patio umbrellas that have a higher number of rib arms, since they are a sure proof of strength and long-term resistance. The best material here is fiberglass as it absorbs shock and it is known to resist more than traditional wood and metal structures. Last but not least, the size of the patio umbrellas is crucial too, since you often want to add extra chairs around a table; any product with a size bigger than five feet is just fine. As for the design and the style of the patio umbrellas, you are totally free to choose the one you like best.

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