Patio Stones

One can create great landscaping designs with the help of natural or man-made patio stones; available in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes, such materials work great for the creation of daring looks both traditional and ultra-model. The patio stones used for the overall paving have to be complemented by creating borders of slightly different patterns. Wood, plastic or another stone variety are usually chosen to make a contrastive look. Depending on the shape of the patio, the installation of the patio stones will be more or less difficult; the easiest to design are the rectangular and the square, while the circular or the curvilinear require a bit higher amount of work.

The patio stones can be purchased already cut or in a raw state that requires finishing. If you choose flagstone for instance you need to pay a lot of care to the thickness of the paving blocks, since their irregularity makes the installation very challenging. In case you choose to do the paving yourself, there are some tools you need to use for the successful outcome of your endeavor: a chipping hammer, a carpenters level, a chisel, some kind of edging material, a pick, a shovel, a string line and some protective items for yourself.

Before the installation of the patio stones, the underlying basis has to be well prepared so as to ensure a long-term resistant structural design. All in all, depending on the type of patio stones you choose, natural or man-made, you'll have more or less work to do. Thus, man-made patio stones are usually known as paving blocks or pavers, and the most appreciated in the category are the key-like ones that simply fit together perfectly without the need of any mortar addition. Natural stones do look better, but they certainly require a considerable effort both in terms of design and financial investment.

If you pour a sand layer under the patio stones, then when all the pavers are in their right place, you'll need to use a special tool that allows the sand to settle leading to a proper fixation of the work in general. In case there are some spaces left between the stones, you can fill them with sand, clay or mortar for a solid structure. Ignoring such measures may contribute to the erosion potential of the patio, leading to the appearance of cracks.

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