Patio Cover

A patio cover is really useful and necessary if your patio is open and you do not often use it because of the sun that comes down on you when you sit on the porch. A patio cover can be made or bought in different shapes/styles, materials and colors either insulated or uninsulated. A patio cover can be made of aluminum, wood or just fabric.

An insulated aluminum patio cover is the perfect solution for your patio to benefit from a drop in the temperature in its shade. Such an insulated patio cover consists of two aluminum panels which are linked to a 3-inch, or even thicker, core of structural foam. The insulated aluminum patio cover denies the heat above entry into the patio. The structure is strong, so strong that it resists under the heavy amounts of snow in winter. Actually, when it is finished, this patio cover is strong enough to bear someone walking on it.

An insulated aluminum patio cover kit has prices which vary depending on the options one decides to choose. Thus an uninsulated aluminum cover is usually approximately $1 less per square foot. The seals in an aluminum patio cover can be made using either peal and seal material (which features a top facing of aluminum over mineral fiber) or urethane adhesive seals that are available for use in caulk guns.

The colors for the aluminum patio cover are attractive but neutral, in the case of insulated aluminum. Among the colors you can find there are: ivory, white, gray and bronze. The panels for an aluminum insulated patio cover can be found in sizes of 4ft wide and up to 35 ft long. The panels attach to each other either through an interlocking system or by using vinyl cleat connectors. The insulated aluminum patio cover is a roof system which uses a layer of plywood for the application of shingles and tile roof materials and it would be appropriate especially for a carport or a screened porch.

This insulated aluminum patio cover is accompanied by guttering around the edges which will direct the rain water away from the cover. The guttering can be made of vinyl or aluminum. When buying an insulated aluminum patio cover you should find out whether it has indentations where debris can build up. Actually the foam core should be continuous between the layers of aluminum. Thus the patio cover will be more efficient in insulating the patio/porch.

A warranty of up to 10 years is also something you would like to receive with your patio cover. A patio cover can be either installed in different pitches, remain freestanding or attached to the house or any other structure which needs protection from sun especially.

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