Patio Blocks

Patio blocks make a great solution for creating a lovely area in front of your house where you can spend some comfortable hours relaxing, chatting with friends or making a barbecue. Made of burned clay, stone or cement, patio blocks are manufactured in a variety of colors and they are considered the thicker or bulkier alternative to simple pavers. Cement patio blocks for instance can be actually made at home if you are a handy person: you can pour the cement into some forms and then cut the blocks with a power tool to give the job a professional neat appearance.

Closely resembling natural sandstone, some patio blocks are very popular for a variety of uses around the house. They will make great paving solutions for other landscaping tasks as well such as the creation of the stepping stones, replacing regular barbecue pads and making great grass-to-garden borders. It is advisable to purchase those patio blocks that are easy to installs meaning that they only require a level surface on which to be tapped in place. Measure the area you want to pave carefully and use the data to learn what kind of footage in patio blocks is required for your space.

If not otherwise specified by the patio blocks manufacturer, you'll have to prepare the installation area by digging at least three inches deep or even more if the blocks are bigger. Leveling the surface is the next step to be taken, you can use sand or a layer of gravel on which the patio blocks will be added. At the end of the installation, you should pour some more sand on top of the blocks so as to cover all the empty spaces left between, otherwise moss will cover the remaining cracks. These are not rules but words of advice and every home owner is free to install the patio blocks as he or she sees fit.

When discussing the patio blocks materials that could influence your choice or design idea, it is good to know that concrete is probably the most versatile of all materials used for paving. It has a long-term endurance rate, it is pretty easy to install and rather cheap. The only problem is the physical effort one has to make during the installation, but this problem is present only when you attempt to create all the patio patterns on your own. Should you hire some professional team to do the work, you can only assist them so as to achieve the exact patio design you want.

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