Patio Awning

An awning, respectively a patio awning is defined as a sheet of fabric that stretches out from above a door or window to keep off the sun or rain. The original purpose of a patio awning is still the same, but with slight improvements. Besides the protection it offers, a patio awning is also looked at as a decoration that adds to the beauty of the patio or enhances some characteristics of the window or door above which it is placed. Initially, a patio awning used to be made of canvas sheets. In time the material range diversified and materials like rust-proof aluminum with baked enamel finish ( for the frames), acrylic topcoating, which makes maintenance easy, and multilayer fabric - vinyl top, Dacron center and vinyl underside are in use for making the patio awning.

The patio awning is an addition to your house that allows you to control weather whims. Regardless if it is hot and sunny or windy and rainy, you will not be forced to get inside any more as within less than a minute you can get either partial or full shade and protection from the sun and high temperatures. The protection offered by a patio awning functions also in the direction of ultraviolet radiation. A patio awning is also efficient in wet weather. Thus the generous cover of the patio awning will prevent your outdoor plans from becoming a failure. Nobody under the patio awning will get wet and neither will the patio furniture. A sun setter patio awning retracts back against the house allowing you full use of the patio, a function that cannot be found in any fixed roof, porch/patio or permanent shade-creating structure.

In the last ten years, the popularity of retractable patio awning models has grown tremendously, especially among Americans.

Besides the protection offered to people by the waterproof fabric, it also protects the patio furniture, the flower pots, the lanterns and whatever there is there on the porch. The patio awning even protects your indoor carpets and rugs, drapes and curtains and furniture from fading because of exposure to the sun. A patio awning can be considered versatile as it facilitates your extended use of your patio, irrespective of the weather conditions, allows the sun to heat the house during the cold seasons, thus saving on the costs of heating. In addition, the patio awning is attached to the house wall permanently, which means you do not have to take it off for the winter. You simply let it there in its retracted position. Another important aspect regarding the patio awning is that it is affordable, adaptable, easy to install and use, as well as durable and beautiful.

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