Flagstone Patio

Planning and preparation are the two conditions for the successful design of a flagstone patio. The most common problem with this kind of garden arrangement is the difficulty to create an even surface given the fact that the paving stones have varying thickness levels as well as an uneven base and settling. It would however be wrong to try to make the flagstones thinner, since thickness is its major unique feature. The only recommendation connected to the size variety is that you should insist to choose your one materials from the suppliers. Hence, the Internet will not make a good choice in terms of this purchase, as you cannot come into direct contact with the flagstone patio materials yourself.

Only use thin stones for the design of the flagstone patio if you know that the underlying base is highly stable. The one disadvantage with this type of flagstone is its lack of long-term durability. In time, under weight pressure and because of the exposure to the weather factors this kind o flagstone can crack. The alternate use of thin and thick material in the lay out of the flagstone patio, could actually compensate for the uneven surface of the naturally-occurring material. Originality and the possibility to improvise artistically: these are the elements that make the give the great satisfaction of the flagstone patio.

Since the design of a flagstone patio is pretty complex particularly because of the number of stages that you are required to go through, it's no wonder people would rather leave the installation to professionals in the field. An expert should first want to run some tests and checks to see whether the ground is stable and whether you need any gravel or sand. If such measures are not taken from the very beginning, it is possible that in time, as natural settling over takes place, the flagstone patio may become even more unstable.

Experience shows that a flagstone patio created over a concrete layer is a lot easier to install properly and evenly. Given the presence of such a solid pad, future settling over is out of the question. Moreover, you can simply solve the problem of the thickness variety by placing a layer of sand on the concrete; thinner stones also work well under the circumstances, as the impact on the durability is definitely lower. As for the flagstone patio joints, you can either let moss grow in between or you can fill the empty spaces with mortar.

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