Building A Patio

Many people prefer to have a team of builders/workers make their patio and decorate it for them. But there are others who believe in building a patio themselves. Either way, building a patio is a serious job which requires some skill and force, besides all the materials and and equipment. Just building a patio is not sufficient to obtain a nice, attractive part of landscape around the house.

When building a patio, you have to consider the shape of the structure. A patio is usually square which makes the mowing of the lawn around it easy to take care of. Building a patio, a concrete one, for example, is a job you can do in three days. If you decide on building a patio on your own, these three working days might seem a long time to you, yet, it is quite a short time and, besides, you are able to save money.

You should be very careful and thorough when you plan the building of a patio. First of all, building a patio means deciding on the right size for it as well as ensuring the right tools needed for the job. The next step in building a patio, is to excavate the area using a garden shovel. To avoid cracking due to frozen water remaining under the patio, a layer of gravel should be placed beneath four inches of concrete. The gravel used when building a patio has another purpose: it allows for proper drainage of the rain water.

After the excavation, the use of wood form or mold to hold the gravel and concrete, is necessary. Building a patio continues with other actions. The rebar is not solid but a grid including the rebar will be. The rebar should be installed and where the parts converge they must be secured with wiring. The rebar used in building a patio acts as a concrete unifier, providing extra support to the patio. The rebar setting is an important part of the process of building a patio. The next phase is the mixing of the concrete in the automatic mixer; add water until the concrete becomes a uniform and medium shade/nuance of shiny gray.

Then, the concrete must be poured into the prepared site. Keep adding some filler rocks. This part of the procedure must be done very fast. Then smooth the concrete and bring off the excess, with a creed. Then, a jointer, will help you finish the control joints. In the end the surface will be finished with the desired design elements. In order for the surface to be appropriately secured, plastic covers should be put over it, which prevents the patio from drying too soon. The plastic should remain on the surface for one week, and the patio should not be subjected to a great amount of pressure for at least two weeks.

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