Theme Party Ideas

Theme party ideas are a great way to spice up a party. Sometimes a party can turn out to be pretty boring. Especially, if it is not a kids' party or if it is not a birthday party. In times like these themes used for a party make the party more interesting.

Nowadays many people are indulging into theme party ideas. There are lots of innovative ideas to make your party memorable. Wouldn't you like to hear your party being the talk of the neighborhood?

Well if your answer is yes, then theme party ideas are just the type of things you should be looking up for your party list of needs!

Starting from adult interests to the young generations' interests theme party ideas that will cover every type of persons dream idea for theme party!

Some of these ideas are as follows:

1. The 1920s theme

Charleston, champagne, silent movies, charades, conga lines, flappers, chandeliers, jazz club atmosphere, white tablecloths, etc.

2. The 1950s theme

Letter sweaters, 'sock hop', poodle skirts, rock 'n' roll, stand up panels of cars, soda fountain, drive-in atmosphere, giant record replicas, 1950s stars( Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Roy Rogers,etc.), “car hops” on roller skates, jukeboxes, Harley roadster motorcycle.

3. The 1960s theme

Bell-bottom pants, flower children, tie die, peace symbols. Dress as political figures of the era.

4. Arabian nights

Arabian attire, camel caravans or Nile barge, “bazaar” tent with market items (baskets, lamps, rugs), dome building, lattice arch, lighted dish fountains, Sahara desert scene, oasis with palm trees, ostrich plume tops, overhead gold stars, genies, moons.

5. Army base

Olive colored t-shirts with “Boot camp” written on the front and company logo on the back, you can even ask the caterers to mingle with the guests, set up a false boot camp that is equipped with obstacle course, serve army food (meat, mashed potatoes, rolls, etc.), try bungee jumps, laser tag as well as fireworks after dark.

6. Beach party

Sunglasses, beach volleyball, beach attire, swimming, towels, beach balls, umbrellas, hot dogs, hamburgers, oysters, shrimp and a great fruit punch.

7. Casino party

Formal attire, bingo, mouse races, casino games, black jack, craps, poker and roulette tables, cigarette girls.

8. Carnival theme

Sandwiches, macaroni salad, potato salad, chips n dip, popcorn, cotton candy, roasted peanuts, acrobats, ringmaster, clowns, clown-card invitations.

9. Classic Greece/Rome

Ancient city, marble colonnades, Greek gardens, columns, urns, cherub water fountains, Make use of Athena statues, pedestals, curved benches, stone gate walls, topiary trees, planters, grape vines and ivy, garden and angel statuary, golden gossamer fabrics, and ice sculptures of Greek gods.

10. Construction party

Jeans, work boots, t-shirts, sack lunches, hard hats, construction obstacle course, yellow lights and signs, barricades.

11. Derby theme

Formal attire, bourbon, large hats, mint juleps, candy molds(roses, horses), cake molds(horseshoes, hot air balloons), races, sterling silver, red roses, jockey colors, baskets of flowers, ice sculpture(horse) with roses around the neck.

12. Disco night

Leisure suits, platform shoes, disco attire, dance music, bouncer, disco ball, velvet-roped entrance, mirror balls, rope lights, shimmer curtains, giant character cut-outs.

13. Film night/ Academy Award party night/Hollywood party

Dress as old Hollywood characters, Oscars, awards ceremony, red carpet, movie posters, film reels, 3D stars, walkway lined with palm trees, director’s chair and megaphone, giant “HOLLYWOOD” letters, movie star stand-ups.

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