Sweet 16 Part Ideas

Sweet 16 party ideas indeed make up for a special occasion. Your teenagers sixteenth birthday is a special occasion that needs to be celebrated in style. Teenage is often a difficult time since the body is going through many radical changes. A teenager is ‘trapped’ between adulthood and childhood. Thus, you may feel that your teenager is trying your patience plenty of times. The best way to make your child feel special is by arranging for a unique party on his or her birthday.

Teenagers may often feel ‘awkward’ at events, which they might consider being ‘childish’. Thus, sweet 16 party ideas have been implemented so that you make your teenager feel comfortable on the eve of his or her own birthday. The most important aspect such a party is creating an appropriate guest list. Avoid inviting too many adult members or small children. Let the party be exclusively for your teenager’s friends. This way, your child as well as the bunch of friends would feel at ease.

One of the most popular sweet 16 party ideas is to throw a theme party for your child. The themes should appeal to a typical teenager’s crowd and should not be too childish. Avoid being too ‘open’ and making the theme a little ‘bold’. Teenagers would not be happy with that either! Some popular themes could be Hollywood, Basketball team, Rock and roll etc. If it is an all-girls party, try themes like sweet slumber parry or Cinderella. The girls will love to dress up in their favorite fairy tale costumes!

A good sweet 16 party idea is to send personalized invites to all the guests. Try using a candy wrapper for luring chocolate addicts to your bash. You may even wish to roll out handmade paper and write the invitations. The idea is to make the invitation cards unique and interesting. You may want to arrange food as per the likings of your teenager. Try the otherwise forbidden recipes like burgers, chips, fried fish etc. You may even wish to have a round of ginger beer!

The party for your teenager’s friends could be made even more interesting by arranging fun games for the guests. Games like guess the tune, mystery hunt, paper dance etc are very popular amongst the teenagers. Do not arrange for games which are childish; teenagers certainly would not enjoy them. At the end of the ‘game’, the winners should be given his ‘prize’. You can pick up handy items from the nearby departmental mall. Things like stationery goods, small pocket books etc make for good gifts.

A teenager’s party can turn even more interesting if you arrange for a movie show. Step into a teenager’s shoes and think. The latest movie that might be the ‘rage of the town’ could be a good option. If the party is for an all boys gathering, rent an action movie, while for the girls, a romantic comedy might be just as good. You may even look up the internet for unique party ideas. The basic idea behind the party is an evening of fun and frolic, so avoid giving any parental advice and warnings during the party.

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