Pool Party Ideas

Pool parties can be great fun if you decide upon a proper theme to entertain your guests. There are many themes you can choose when it comes to giving your friends a pool party. Some of these pool party ideas are given as follows:

* Hawaiian Luau-

Take your guests on an evening getaway to the land of Aloha! Guests should wear their most colorful printed shirts. Make leis or buy ready made ones to welcome your guests. Decorate with tropical, bright colors, Hawaiian-themed accessories and bamboo accents from your local pool supplier, pool retailer or craft store. Tiki torches and tropical flowers scattered across tables and the surface of the pool provide the final additions for a magical evening. Complement the feast with rice and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables reminiscent of a garden paradise. Pineapple chicken or ham would be delicious main dishes, or treat your friends and family to an authentic pig roast.

* Beach Party-

Kick back in flip-flops and swimsuits. Use the children’s sandbox and build a sand castle. Decorate tables with seashells and fish nets. Cover chairs with beach towels. Use shovels, plastic pails and even Frisbees, to serve drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Floating toy sailboats in the pool can also serve as great decoration. Grill yummy hamburgers, hot dogs, potatoes, and corn on the cob and serve classic boardwalk food, like popcorn, snow cones and French fries for your family and friends. On the other hand, go all out with a clambake, oyster roast or lobster feast!

* Movie Night-

Purchase some inflatable lounge chairs at your local pool retailer. Move your big-screen television outside, or rent one for the evening. Pick a favorite classic, or give your guests a thrill and screen. “Little Mermaid”, “Jaws”, “Finding Nemo”, etc, are very good movies for kids.

* Birthday Party-

A swimming pool or hot tub party is a special way to celebrate any child’s birthday. Create whacky invitations by making use of flip-flops as well as cutouts shaped like fish. You can even give off all party invitations in huge envelopes that are decorated with seashells and glitter. Activities can be tailored to the interests of the age group. Younger children will enjoy classic pool games like Sharks and Minnows, Marco Polo and cannonball contests. Awater-gun battle or spa-therapy can be excellent stress busting activities at your party. Keep the party food light and delicious so that the guests can remain active and interested throughout the bash. Sliced fruit, half-sandwiches, goldfish crackers and boxed juice drinks will keep the kids energized all day.

A fun pool party idea, if you have a pool or are near a community pool or water park. For young children, blow up a few kiddy pools in your yard.

Pool parties are not just for summer either. Indoor pools, including hotel pools, are often available for winter parties.

Fun invitation for a pool party idea include:

* Photo of kiddy pool

* Drawing of diving board

* In shape of swim goggles

* Ask guests to bring swimsuit, swim goggle, and towels.

Fun decorations for a pool party idea include:

* Beach balls

* Inflatable pool toys

* Personalized beach ball banner

* Colorful balloons

Fun games and activities for a pool party idea include:

* Water volleyball

* Pin the sunglasses on the donkey

* Marco polo

* Swimming through rings

Fun Arts and crafts for a pool party idea can have:

* Spin art

* Modeling clay creatures.

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