Party Invitation Idea

Want to send out a party invitation idea that is unique? Food always remains the key focus of any party, so you can have party invitations that are based on exotic food such as elegant Asian cuisine, satisfying backyard barbeques, birthday cakes and candles, picnics, Mexican fiestas, Hawaiian luau, authentic Italian food, hors d'oeuvres and delectable desserts. If your specialty is making reservations at your favorite restaurant or bar, then it is probably one of the best ideas is to do so well in advance.

Martini party invitations are one of the most anticipated party invitation ideas. Champagne or wine theme party invitations are always well received by guests. Your invitees will love cocktail themed invitations that hint of a party not to be missed!

Who to invite to the Party - sometimes poses as a sticky situation when you are making invitations for your party. You envision a huge party with a huge number of old and new friends. You are dreaming of all those presents (if it is a birthday party) piled high on the dining room table, or the wonderful bouquets that your friends greet you with, etc.  Those are both great dreams … but there is only party reality.

Party Reality: 

Inviting everyone you know or your friends might know can become a tad bit overwhelming and expensive. Bigger is not always better! So invite the people that would make the party fun for you. Not everyone will show up that you invite, but you can have control over who enters your house and who become friends with you and your family. 

Party invitation ideas help you to create invitations that not only inform your guests of the party, but can also convey your party theme and create excitement before they arrive.  There are many fun and creative ways to announce your party date. 

Traditional - Buy a package of fun invitations at the store, fill them out and send to guests.  There are invitations that will fit almost any theme - this is an easy choice if you are short on time or find some great invitations that your love.

Computer print-outs - Invitations that you make from your computer are getting to be more and more popular. There are many websites that feature free templates for various types of parties. Simply fill in your party information and print them out. Use colored ink, or have kids color them in once they have been printed.

Photo Invitations - If you have a good photo program you can make invitations using a picture of any of your fond memories with details around the picture. 

Creative Theme - Going all out with a party theme is fun and what better place to start then the invitation to set the mood for the party. Be creative and think of different ways to invite your guests to the party. Here are a few:

- Blow up beach balls and write the party details on the ball - then deflate and send to guests.

- A message in a bottle invitation can be found at party stores - write your party information on a piece of paper, slip it into the bottle and seal with a cork. Yes, they can go through regular mail!

- Send a prop or something you will be using at the party such as a bandanna, hat, or sword that they will have to wear to get into the party.

- Circus or Carnival - include an admit one ticket or a game ticket (found at most discount stores)

- Pirate - a gold coin  

- Secret message - make the information in code, or use invisible ink. These are great for a mystery party.

- Helium balloon - blow up helium balloons and slip the party information inside.  Tie a string on the balloon and then hand out to guests or tie on their front doors.  They will have to pop the balloon to find the place and time.

No matter what kind of party you throw, various party invitation ideas can never be inadequate for the truly inviting special occasions in your life. Be creative and have fun with the invitations - you are only limited by your imagination!

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