Party Game Ideas

All of us look forward to attending or even hosting parties. A party can be held for celebrating any occasion like a birthday, anniversary, promotion and many other reasons. Whatever the occasion may be, people coming from all walks of life and age groups equally enjoy a good party. A party without food and games seems rather boring. You can spice up your party with the help of some exciting party games ideas, which will keep the guests entertained.

Depending on the occasion, you can organize different types of games. There are various options to choose from when you decide to keep games for your guests. In case you are arranging a birthday party for your child, then the following party game ideas will surely make your party memorable.

1) You can arrange for small gifts and wrap them in pretty colorful wrapping paper to give them out to your guests. You can make layers of wrapping over the gift and play some peppy music or nursery rhymes in the background. The guests can pass on this gift sitting in a circle. When the music stops, the guest who has the gift in his or her hand can unwrap a layer of the gift. The last person who is left with the gift is the winner!

2) You can also play music and ask your guests to turn into statues when the music stops. The rules of the game are such that nobody is allowed to move once the music stops and each one should pose as statues. One who moves is out of the game and in this way, the game continues until you get the winner.

3) Another common and interesting party is that of the teens. Teens always wish to have an exciting and thrilling party and want their own party to be the best one. These are some of the party game ideas for teen parties.

4) You can try out an advanced part of the treasure hunt game. Here you can divide your friends between two groups and give each group a set of tasks, which would ultimately lead them to the treasure. The treasure can be something exciting like a pack of the newest CD's or other things. This game will also help revive some childhood memories when treasure hunt was a popular game and also bring back the child in you.

5) Another idea is to organize various exciting and funny games, which is bound to keep all your guests on their toes. Here you can organize a lemon and spoon race, relay races and use various objects for your relay races.

There are various other parties held for different occasions. Another part of party game ideas is to set up interesting theme parties. You can select any theme like western, traditional, sports etc for a party. Accordingly, you will have to take some efforts for creating an ambiance best suited to your theme and decide games related to your theme.

The various other party game ideas are hosting outdoor games, word games like scrabble, card or board games. All of these various games are sure to add a lively spirit to your party and your guests are sure to have a blast.

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