Party Food Ideas

Party food ideas- who can live without them! If you are having a party, then it is certain you will need some party food ideas. Whatís a party without great food? You can have a great theme, decorations and music, but if the food is sub-par, no one is happy. It doesnít matter what the occasion is, everyone loves something yummy to munch on while socializing with their friends and family. It keeps their fingers busy and their tummies happy. Interesting party food is certain to help make your party a smashing success.

Party food can be everything from simple sandwiches, a barbeque to a lavish formal meal. The food can often be the main draw of the party, so you need to be prepared. Even if your bash is a simple affair, your guests will expect to enjoy good food options. Do not disappoint them, or it will ruin your reputation as a host!

Proper planning of the menu can be simplified by getting a feel for what your guests may enjoy. Trying to find something really different for a more adventurous crowd? Explore types of food from tropical locations including Caribbean, Hawaiian and other exotic places. Are your guests a bit more conservative? Look to your basic staple meals with a meat, vegetable and potato dishes. No matter the occasion, there is something for everyone. So donít worry, have a feast with the various party food ideas!

For a perfect party a little bit of feet tapping music with a perfect combination of some delicious yet simple food should do wonders. There are a number of important considerations when selecting your party menu, but the general rule is to keep it quick and easy. Here are some quick party food ideas to help you set up the stage.

Quick & Easy Party Food:

1. Lucky Lime drinks: You can make this drink by putting two small scoops of lime sherbet a glass beer mug. 7up is a great filler on the sherbet on top of which you can add a blob of sweetened whipped cream along with colorful sugar sprinkles. Use a green maraschino cherry to give your drink that extra special look.

2. Quick recipe for mini pizzas: If you like Italian food, why not have it as finger food at your bash. Bring out your creativity and make delicious mini pizzas to impress your guests. Prepare the pizza dough in advance and let it cook on the grill. When the bottom is golden brown, give it a flip. Add your favorite toppings, sprinkle with cheese and cover the grill for a few minutes to cook the toppings and melt the cheese.

3. Lip-smacking Herbed Chevre Spread topping: You can serve this lovely topping on slices of toasted baguette or hard crackers. This spread tastes great even on left-over bagels and sandwiches. You can even serve this dip with thin slices of pears, pineapples, apples and grapes.

4. White chocolate mousse: Sparkling white vodka syrup goes great with white chocolate mousse.. Place butter and chocolate in a bowl over a pan of gently simmering water until melted. Stir gently to combine, remove from heat. Add vodka to cooled syrup, then place in a blender with the silver leaf and blend for a few seconds until leaf is broken into small flakes. Top each mousse with sparkling syrup just before serving.

5. Choco Cookies that are chilled: Use thin and slightly sweetened butter cookies for this scrumptious desert. Dip them in gooey melted chocolate and freeze them before hand. If you are planning to throw a kids party, then these cookies will be a real hit at the bash.

6. Platters of fresh fruit: Use fruits like mango, banana, cherries, pineapple, apple cut into small cubes and add sugar mixed in whipped cream to them. These are easy to prepare and look quiet presentable. An edible fruit arrangement will look pretty as a centerpiece for a brunch party and will also get gobbled down in no time.

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