Party Favor Ideas

Whether you are planning your children's birthday party or a wedding party, giving your guests gifts and favors is a good way to thank them for being a part of your celebration. If you approach the nearest gift shop, you will find a wide collection of favors. You can even try to visit a few do it yourself sites to collect more innovative ideas for the same purpose. However, when you go to purchase party favors, try to choose items that are affordable yet attractive. If you want to try out a couple of do-it-yourself options, here are some party favor ideas that will help you to create party favors at your home.

In some cultures, hand painted, decorated eggs are considered to be a symbol of prosperity and fertility for the couple and are gifted to the guests as a traditional wedding favor. So, distributing hand painted, decorated eggs to the guests on your son's wedding can be one of the best party favor ideas. In some countries, couples distribute hard shelled chocolate candies filled with marzipan fruits or almonds to the guests as a custom. This is also one of the finest party favor ideas to try in your son's wedding. You can also give various types of gifts like bud vases, picture frames or sachets to your guests in your birthday party to convey to them that their presence is appreciated.

Party favor ideas are countless and it completely depends on you when it comes to the type of gifts you want to give to your guests. You can give them gifts that are related to your party theme. For example, if you are celebrating your 50th birthday party with some traditional themes, so the gifts also can be according to the 50’s theme. One of the best and meaningful party favor ideas is to give out party favors based on a family's historical, religious or cultural background. However, in many cultures there is no concept of giving out party favors. Some couples distribute Bridal Sugar that consists of five pieces of wrapped sweet candy in their wedding party. This is distributed with a view to honor the five wedding wishes i.e. happiness, love, virility, prosperity and loyalty.

For more party favor ideas, you can talk to some of your friends who have given memorable “thank you” gifts to the guests in their wedding or birthday party. You can use tiny picture frames as guests' table card following it with a wedding photo and the thank you notes. If your budget allows, you can use tiny sterling silver or traditional-looking frames to give your guests.

One of the finest party favor ideas is to give sport-, hobby- or occupation-related gifts if your budget permits. to guests, who like cooking you can give out personalized cookbooks or boxes of recipes. If some of your friends are sports enthusiasts, give bags to keep their all sport tools. You can also print a thank you note on these gifts like “ Thank you for sharing the party”. In this way, with innovative party favor ideas, you can make your wedding or birthday party a memorable event.

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