Luau Party Ideas

Luau party ideas make you explore your creative side for making your bash as “Hawaiian” as possible. For luau party ideas, inspiration can be taken from either looking at pictures or videos taken when you were in Hawaii or you can just surf on the Internet for Hawaii pictures.

The easiest way to get luau party ideas is to just borrow them from the Internet, but then you have no chance of using your own innovative ideas.

Whether your Luau Party is for a child's birthday party, a tropical bridesmaid's luncheon, a middle-of-winter bash, or for any occasion you need to celebrate, start with the Invitations. Sprinkling confetti or glitter on invitations is a great way to impress your guests.

Affix a hand-written tag or a computer generated image to anything that matches your theme like sunglasses, a seashell nut cup, etc. Create your own invitations by using colored cardstock cut into shapes (palm trees, pink flamingo, etc).

You could also write the party details on flip-flops and mail them to the guests so that can wear them to the party. Luau party ideas give you a wide variety of choices to make your party unforgettable. Luau party ideas give you a chance to let your guests go crazy in the party.

For luau party decorations, start out with a Polynesian hut and add some Tiki torches. Have a few palm trees scattered around. Use grass skirts for tables. You could even go crazy, by putting a big palm tree in the pool, filling up the pool sides with sand, and put real coconuts at the base, shells, starfish, etc.

Beach umbrellas, a kayak, a small sailboat, a surfboard can be used as props to give the party a better and a more real effect. These articles can be rented from a sports store, if you or your friends don't have them.

Transform a larger room by covering by using lots of blue Seamless Paper. Take help of a few creative assistants to paint various beach scenes such as waves, palm trees, the sun, beach towels, etc, or simply hang some Luau Foil Fish next to the walls.

Place large round glass fish bowls on your tables, fill with water, and add large blooms of tropical flowers as well as Seashell Floating or colorful scented Candles, or some live goldfish or tropical fish. In this case, cover your tables with blue Gossamer for a lively effect.

For luau party ideas for games, you can play the all time favorite game of limbo. Some variations to limbo can be like; flashlight limbo- turn off the lights and us the beam of the flashlight as a limbo stick; garden-hose limbo; if the weather is too hot and a ll the guests have worn their bathing suits, then you can use the garden hose as a limbo stick.

Another game that can be played is the game of hula-hoops. This game can be tiring so it should be played for certain time intervals in the party. The guests should be encouraged to practice if they are not very good at it. And the guests can also be made to be a little more competitive by keeping prizes for the person who wins.

The traditional hula dance was developed centuries ago when Hawaiians had no written language. History and stories were passed by word of mouth or set to music and dance. Fill a bowl with key phrases, turn up the tropical music, and let your guests hula their way to winning. You can always use the 60’s Beach movies, TV shows and songs as themes.

For food, use only tropical dishes and loads of pineapples, coconut, fish, etc to make the party more enjoyable. You can serve up some tropical fruit punches to make the mood more “Hawaiian”!

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