Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is a holiday totally centered on distributing and enjoying different goodies and treats. Halloween started somewhere in the British Isles and was initially celebrated as the feast for the dead. Halloween, also known as All Hallows Eve, is observed on November 1. Treat is a result of a tradition where people would go door-to-door asking for donations of food and money for the New Year's feast and those who were not generous would be cursed. Some New Year's turned into Halloween. Some Halloween party ideas include making use of monster footprints, ghosts, green pumpkins, Bobbling ghosts, Wicked witch, body parts, Icky cobwebs, sound effects, crunching bones underfoot, lighting. People dress up in different costumes as ghostly figures and celebrate Halloween with great zeal every year.


Monster Footprints

This is one of the most amazing Halloween party ideas. Draw a footprint in a big sponge using a magic marker and cut the footprint. Pour the washable paint in a 1/8 inch aluminum pan and press the sponge in the paint. Place these footprints in front of the door, or around the sides of dark, spooky house. To stamp the other foot, toss the sponge upside down.



A piece of tissue paper is to be crumpled into a ball. Place it into the center of flat piece of tissue paper. Pick the edges of the tissue paper and twist it around the ball. Tie this around the ghost’s neck. Draw a face with a pen. Hang them all around the house or glue it on the yarn and make a witch out of the black hat and wrap it with a colored paper.


Green Pumpkins

Carve green peppers as lanterns. Also try yellow and red peppers. You can have a whole row of them. This will create an army of creepy faces and green goblins at your door. It is impossible for the invitees to recover from the fright.


Bobbling Ghosts

For this Halloween party idea, you will require a piece of cheesecloth. A helium filled balloon is to be placed in the midst of the fabric and gather loosely around the balloon. Carve a nasty mask on the on the cloth. Ghosts can be placed in the box and when people open the box, the ghosts will float up and scare everyone. You can hang them with a string and place it in front of an open window or fan or watch them move with the breeze.


Wicked Witch

Cut the top of cardboard and discard. Cover the carton with a black paper and tape at the back. A strip of white paper is to be cut and pasted around top of the black paper. Draw a scary witch's face and glue some yarn for its hair. Also, try crafting tipped cone-shaped hats.


Body parts

This serves to be a good decoration for dimly lit room during the party. Scare your friends by placing body parts (made of food) in bowls. Get a bunch of hot dogs, cook some spaghetti and colors to it. Onions rolling in the bowl will resemble eyeballs. Blow up a red balloon with water and spread it like strawberry jam. This Halloween party idea will definitely horrify your friends.



Icky cobwebs

Cut some strings and paste them to the ceiling. The room has to be quite dime. Before your targets enter, wet those strings with water and when people will walk in, slimy strings will brush across their foreheads and scare them.


Crunching bones

Spread out some dried bread and pretzels under a rug. When people will walk on it, it will make noise as if someone is crunching bones underneath.

You can also play several scary sounds. A large sheet can create sound of a great thunder. You can also scream. Uncooked rice poured on a cookie tray sounds like rain. Break the carrots into half for creating noise of breaking bones.

These Halloween party ideas will definately make your Halloween a most memorable one.

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