60th Birthday Party Ideas

Some people tend to stop celebrating their birthdays as they grow older, so by the 60th birthday the special day goes by with hardly any notice at all. Your birthday has no meaning unless you get up and celebrate it. As one gets older, it is more fun to start celebrating your birthdays with the 60th birthday party ideas and themes from the youth. The Silver Screen era was once a real big hit and can also be great for your party if you plan to implement a Golden Oldies theme. Go through a few black and white movies and have the guests come to the party all dolled up like their favorite movie stars.

You can always have easy and popular themes. The “Over the Hill ” theme which revolves around the favorite leisure activities of different celebrities. A sports theme party or a luau is always great. You can also take a trip down the memory lane with a tribute to the decade in which the birthday boy or girl grew up. One of the 60th birthday party ideas you can include is to throw a surprise party. Definitely you need to take extra efforts for this, but with a bit of planning it can provide a special excitement and lots of happy memories.

An outdoor party for your 60th celebration can provide you with a larger space to accommodate more number of guests. The scenery can be very refreshing, especially if you tend to spend a lot of time indoors. It will be a perfect spot to host a 60's birthday party in honor of that decade. Some more of 60th birthday party ideas are quite simple yet very effective; like you can always gift 5 dozens roses or 10 six-packs of beer or soda, or even 60 simple lottery tickets to your guests, which is surprisingly very alluring.

You can also create something very personal by arranging a memory book or a scrapbook filled with favorite photos and keepsakes. You can also ask friends who live abroad to email their different birthday wishes in advance; you can even incorporate them with print-outs and photos. You can actually pin or hang such birthday wishes on a nice bulletin board.

You can find some napkins and other party supplies with number 60 printed boldly on the paper and plastic. There are lots of party supplies available on the market that can be found with appropriate age printed on it like balloons, table cloths, plates, banners, cups, glasses and so on. You can also find some party favors to give to the guests that have a birthday remarks printed along with your name and age. Guests will be happy to receive something special to mark the occasion.

A Sweet 60 theme can be one of the excellent party ideas where you can replace the birthday cake with 60 individual cup cakes, served on a tiered party trays. Always include food that can be enjoyed by everyone; also include low salt or sugar free drinks for those who follow certain dietary restrictions. Self-service will make it easy for your guests to mingle around the buffet table.

There is no limit to these 60th birthday party ideas. You think of any idea and you can implement it without any hassles with just a bit of pre-planning. Just remember to make the 60th birthday one of the memorable events of that person’s life!

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