Online Dating Scams

Online dating scams:

If you are interested in online dating, then you should be aware of the Online dating scams. This is a serious problem since it will not only hurt your emotional feelings but will also hurt your finances. If you want to go deeply involved in online dating, then you must be careful about the scams. Most of the online dating sites are offering free services. This really means that anybody can cheat you by sending the photo of some unknown model.

There are 4 types of online dating scams. They are

1. Phone scams.

2. Prostitute scams.

3. Travel scam

4. Nigerian Postal scam.

1. Phone scam:

Phone scam is the oldest form of online dating scams. Anyone may ask you to make a call to him\her. If you make a call then you will get a bill for thousands of dollars.

2. Prostitute scam:

Prostitutes may place their photos in online dating sites to solicit their business. You can easily find such profiles by grubby user name and steamy self descriptions.

3. Travel scams:

The person may tell you that he\she is residing in overseas and wants money to meet travel expenses in order to meet you.

4. Nigerian postal scam:

Here the person may pretend that he\she is a relative of a deceased government official and ask money for the financial transactions.

These are the 4 main types of online dating scams. The following guidance will help you to make your dating experience safe and secure. When you look at the profile, concentrate more on sleazy names. Though boys are always thinking about sex, sincere women do not think like that. Hence profile with sleazy name like “the sweetest sin” should be carefully avoided.

Then read the profile carefully. People who are likely to cheat others will say something vague that will fit anyone. Then look at the photos. Photographs of beautiful women in combination with vague profile really mean some trouble. Beautiful women will be more selective and they will definitely include more requirements in their profiles. Women will not be ready to talk about sex naturally. If anyone does then you can decide that she is a liar.

Another important warning is about overseas profiles. Some people may reveal that they are residing in local in the profile but when you want to talk to them they will say that they are living in overseas. You should treat such profiles as potential scams. If the location does not match then immediately drop the profile. This will help you to save your time. Though you have decided to select anyone for dating, don’t get emotionally attached in the initial stage itself.

Sometimes the person may ask you money saying that his\her relative is not feeling well and he\she is in urgent need of money. You can decide that long distance along with the request for money really mean for scam. You can simply avoid this. Whenever you are going for online dating, please remember the above mentioned points and search an honest and sincere dating partner.